A Violent Revelry

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  • A Violent Revelry

Run around hitting people and be rewarded for it! Swing, thrust, dodge, parry, block, push, lead, sneak, cast, burn, freeze, poison, shock, stun, crit, and fail your way through increasingly difficult scenarios as the world adapts to your presence.

Items and spells are hidden throughout the procedurally generated world behind locks, recipes, maps, quests, and puzzles. A chest may require information from a distant library to open, magic may require particular circumstances to learn, and nothing remains where it was in the previous playthrough.

Pray to the gods and gaze into the Qosmic sky to develop your character with over 80 unique stats that range from simple to ridiculous. Build weapons from scratch using the parts you've discovered - each with its own stats to consider - and balance these parts into the weapon's weight, center of gravity, and resource cost to create something unique to your situation.

Additions Added some additional types of forts and libraries Opening the menu shows health as text Option to save without quitting Adjustments Bows show arrow stats on their part inspector panel Bows can be enchanted and receive weapon buffs Arrows and bolts are improved by bow upgrades Arrows and bolts can crit The initial weapon starts with a Spin 2H attack Reduced the chance to randomly trip Stuff is much better about saving to an area Minor changes to area generation Roads are a little small...


Additions Action menu option to create a sacrificial circle Option to disable slow motion effects Adjustments Shrines cost their associated material for both options Shrine cost is now based on the gods' favor Followers will not defend you when told to stay Weapons flash when an attack ends Ritual circles can no longer overlap Royal keys should no longer appear inside castles Put some flies in the tutorial Reduced the volume of rain Buried treasure notes have a chance to say where or what they a...


Additions Added an animation to a certain pickup to make its purpose more clear Added a buried treasure A new UI panel in the options menu will tell you if your game has experienced certain scripting errors Added some UI sfx Adjustments A connection between stars won't be broken if the inactive star is within range of a different active star The player's UI is hidden when looking through the telescope A small effect plays to show some stars that are available to select Star tokens can be toggled...


Additions Added a controls tutorial to the title screen Added indicators for your current map square and selected map square Adjustments Gods' favor will reduce slightly when they give you a present Outside combat, enemies that are otherwise neutral toward you won't hold a grudge after about 10 seconds Reduced nighttime darkness Greatly increased the health of shrines Bow attacks will activate attached wands Minor adjustments to some bosses The UI should scale better with higher resolutions Mino...


Additions Added Early Access external links to title screen and options menu Dialogue speed option Quit with saving option Adjustments Wand projectiles scale slightly with Perception Arrows scale slightly with Dexterity Doubled the damage of unarmed attacks (it's 2) Inns now heal better than tents Death will cancel a surge before it completes Your save will be deleted after all lives are lost Items dropped as quest rewards will be flagged as Player Only The starting weapon is a little lighter Th...






  • OS: Windows 10


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