• Advent
Havilah and Asharia are at war. It's not the first time and it probably won't be the last. But, what the people of these countries don't know is that these wars have already been foretold. The 4 ancient tablets left behind by the "Creator" prophesy of other things as well but, no one knows what they say. Cyrus and his friends start on a journey to find that out. Their quest for the ancient tablets not only unlocks their hidden abilities but, gives them the knowledge of their continent's demise. What terrors await their continent? Can they prevent a bleak future by knowing what will happen ahead of time or is the will of the "Creator" too strong to be over-ruled?

If you like old-school snes-era jrpgs then this is the game for you.

15 playable classes and subclasses
400+ weapons, armors, and items
25+ hour game
Several optional bosses and dungeons
Save at any time from menu
non-random encounters

Z = Confirm/Accept/Talk/Open chest
X = Cancel/Open Menu
Up/down/left/right keys= They do exactly what you think they do. They move your character.

Those 2 buttons(and movement arrows) are enough to get you through the whole game. Literally.

In addition, you can use F1 to change the window size and F12 to return to the title screen.

Advent is being re-released as a free game with greatly reduced difficulty. This should make the optional bosses more accessible and the overall game more enjoyable. If the difficulty was a turn-off before then hopefully you will give it another try.


Hello everyone, I decided to just make this game open to the public and "free". I will also be updating the game in the near future, mostly fixing the difficulty level. I will be doing this for my other game as well.


Hi everyone, Advent has been on Steam for 4 months now and it has almost no reviews. If you liked the game (or even if you didn't) can you please write a short review? Just write what you honestly thought about the game. It doesn't have to be long. Thanks.




  • OS: XP / Vista /7
  • Processor: 500 MHZ
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 230 MB available space
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