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Description: Our worst fears have been realized, evil has taken over the world and it doesn't seem like anyone can stop them. When it gets to its absolutely worst though, an interesting group of people rise up to save us...or at the very least...destroy them. These are the Agents of MAYHEM. Yes, MAYHEM, and they have one goal, and one goal only, stop the super evil organization known as LEGION from continuing to control the world.

So what separates the Agents of Mayhem from other special groups you've played as before? Well, these guys aren't heroes. Like, at all. They're soldiers, mercenaries, and other interesting titles that have been brought together to raise havoc on LEGION. The best part? As an Agent of Mayhem, you don't have to worry about collateral damage because you're not heroes! So go nuts, blow up everything if it means sticking it to LEGION, and don't stop until the mission is done.

You might be thinking, "how did this all come to be?" Well, it came via Devil's Night, when LEGION came out of nowhere and in one swift stroke took over the world. Now, the major cities of the world are being controlled by the LEGION's "ministries". These have to be taken out, now!

Agents of MAYHEM gives you plenty of options to do so, as you'll control over a dozen very special agents, each with their own tools, weapons, and skills to cause maximum damage. Level them up to do more, be more, and blow up more. When evil reigns? Cause MAYHEM!

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