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Welcome to Arcade Paradise, the 90’s-fuelled retro arcade adventure. Rather than washing rags for a living, you decide to turn the family laundromat into the ultimate arcade. Play, profit, and purchase new arcade machines, with over 35 to choose from, to build your very own Arcade Paradise!

Rags to riches… literally!

Take the laundromat business made up of dull chores from washing clothes to throwing out the trash, and turn it into a booming arcade with the coolest games in town raking in all the money!

Insert Coin

Over 35 arcade games, each fully realized with its own gameplay, stories, missions, and high scores to set! Inspired by 3 decades of gaming, from early vector games right up to the 32-bit era.

Here comes a new challenger

Insert a second coin and play against a friend in a number of co-operative & competitive arcade games with up to 4 players locally.

Set the high scores

Prove yourself across each game, set your high scores, make your favourite arcade game more popular and upload to the online leaderboards.

Soundtrack worthy of the cassette collection

From the individual games to choosing what song to put on the jukebox inspired by some of the great records of the early 90s, the soundtrack captures the heart of a bygone era.

The greatest gaming era ever

Hello 90’s. If you could smell this game, it would smell like memories. Everything from the look and feel of the arcades, to using the latest PC connected to the mind-blowing dial-up connection, all have been recreated with pure love.

Gerald in the Riviera

Doug Cockle (famous for his voice acting in Victor Vran and The Witcher series) plays the role of Ashley’s berating father. Being too busy in the Riviera to see King Wash for himself, you will receive many phone calls from Gerald sharing his wise words of advice and constant reminders to fix the toilet.


Every penny from your purchase goes straight to Safe In Our World.💰 GO BUY IT NOW! The song is the lead track from Arcade Paradise. A Game where the protagonist Ashley feels held back, suffocated, and mentally downtrodden. Arcade Paradise is a story that resonates closely with the message of Safe In Our World. It is an inspirational message of what can be achieved, with help or just with the right motivation… how you CAN rise up against the machine, and how you CAN make your life great. This is ...


It has been a month since we launched Arcade Paradise, Nosebleed Interactives retro love letter to the 90's and the golden age of gaming - since then it's received worldwide critical acclaim, hailed as “one of the best games of 2022”. Favoured by Metacritic reviewers, Nosebleed’s latest title currently sits at 81 for Xbox Series X and 80 for Nintendo Switch as well as an 87% positive review score! We've compiled the hottest critic reviews into am accolades trailer to spread the word that the 90'...


Hey there arcade enthusiasts, got some RADICAL news for you - a brand new Arcade Paradise patch is available RIGHT NOW! It features some additional fixes to the resolution / UI implementation and that gnarly Vsync issue that was popping up in the week 2 patch. Get downloading and continue to PLAY! PROFIT! PURCHASE! Patch notes UI Fixes - Various Ultrawide and UI scaling fixes - Vsync now works as expected, and resolution handling improved Arcade Machines Fixes and Improvements - Zombat 2 - Multi...


The doors to the KingWash arcade opened on the 11th of August and we have decided to take a quick look at all the games each week. Here are the games 21 to 25. (You tube link to video 21 to 25) Communists from Mars No one would have that this world was going to be attacked by Communist Martians. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40196635/52955dd698ff4c1a2c8a58162cec4ee9527c82fd.jpg Line Terror Join up to 4 players and restore reality as you face the ultimate Line Terror. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40196635/90c38a66a01...


Hello arcade / laundry enthusiasts - you may find this hard to believe but it's already been a WEEK since the game launched (doesn't time fly when you're having suds). Before we dive in, thank you all SO MUCH for your support and response to the release of Arcade Paradise. It's been a pretty crazy month with the run up to launch, but seeing you all react to our release has made it very much worthwhile. We've been scouring through your posts in the forums, responding to your reviews and logging e...






  • OS: Windows 10 32bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent AMD
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD 6770
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
  • Additional Notes: Microsoft Xbox Controller for Windows® (or equivalent) is recommended.


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