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ARMS is a new kind of sports video game in which incredibly skilled athletes use things like extendable arms in order to take on their opposition.

Are you tired of the same old and boring sport video games that have things like football, basketball, golf, and things like that? Why don't you give ARMS a try, as it wants to give you an authentic and original experience that you won't find anywhere else? Players in this game have to take advantage of their extendable arms in order to win. Simple motion or button controls let you use powerful and tactical beatdowns if you know how and when to use them, that is.

With a Joy-Con controller in each hand, players in ARMS experience the thrill of combat firsthand as they beat their opposition into a pulp and rise to the top. All kinds of distinct and unique options are available in-game if you wish to switch up your gameplay style. Pick the one that best suits your playstyle and charge right back into the fray.

The game also has many different fighters to pick from, and each of them comes with their own skills and weapons for each arm. By mixing and matching you will be able to create your ultimate fighting champion that no one can defeat in combat!

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