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  • Before The Night Nintendo Switch

Explore a cute animal world in this horror action adventure game, Before The Night

Help the pet human 'Lisa' survive the cute animals!

Help her complete her quest to raise her master from the dead!

There are some precious Flowers of Life in the animal village. Steal what's important to the animals and hit them where it hurts! Revenge is a dish best served bloody!

The rabbits are trying to protect their precious Flowers of Life with various mechanisms like locks or traps.

You need different tools for each situation you find yourself in.

Method #1. Bartering

Give the rabbits some fresh carrots to obtain keys or weapons!

The rabbits go rabid about carrots!

Method #2. Hammer

Are the "local villagers" being "uncooperative"? The hammer can prove very useful for them to cooperate!

Use various weapons to "get to the locals' hearts"!


Picking the Flower of Life will bring nighttime to the village!

Villagers infested by the darkness will turn into monsters!

Survive the thrilling chase!

Hide in the bushes or lure in the monsters with food!

Meet many different animal friends in Before The Night's world and survive!

Main Features

  • [*Meet cute animal friends who turn into something else at night.]
  • [*Listen to the heartwarming stories of the animals.]
  • [*Turn the cute NPCs into meat.]
  • [*Give rabbits carrots and get a hammer for it.]
  • [*Hammer time!]
  • [*Play hide and seek with the (once) cute animal villagers.]
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