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Blood of Old, Indie , RPG, First person, Strategy, with an in depth story line.

This game is in very early stages of development, things will be broken, things will be added some things may be removed or changed. Please DO NOT buy or play this game unless you fully understand this and wish to be active in development of the game!


  • Begin as a simple mercenary and make a name for yourself, become commander of armies and conqueror of cities, or become a despised outlaw with murder and thievery.
  • Manage your castles and cities from First Person ensuring they keep a smooth economy and happy peoples.
  • Manage your armies and battle on the ground with them in epic intense battles!
  • Play through the story line and find the Blood of Old and help them regain their throne and restore peace to a war torn country.



Key features

  • Army building
  • Troop management
  • Buy and ride horses and explore the vast open world!
  • Renown system, become and outlaw or hero, your choice!
  • Hunger player survival elements
  • Earn gold by completing quests or by outlaw ways, and use gold to buy castles and items


Planned for future Development

  • RPG storyline
  • Castle Management
  • Siege warfare
  • Base Building from scratch
  • Improved graphical and gameplay elements.
  • multiplayer (co/op and PVP)

(with your help we can make a game tailored to the communites wants)


What makes us different?

  • Active development with the community, what you want in the game you will get!
  • A mix between strategy and rpg games elements from both inculded!
  • Planned survival elements against nature, including hunger and thirst!


Popular belief is that I have abondoned the project. This is not true, I took a break from the project after it recieivng much negativty and hid it from the Steam Store untill I was confident in the work I was releasing. The game is making some good progress and talks have began with Valve to relaunch the game with a new store page and a fresh start. All previous customers will be given the new application for free if this is the route, Valve and I decide to take. follow the steam group for the ...


Hotfix 7C addresses loading and saving issues as well as implementing a smoother load scene method so users who were experiencing crashes upon loading of scene such as attempting to leave the tavern, should now no longer expreince any issues.


Please give my recent concept about base and army building a read and provide feedback on the question I ask on the post!!


The female model is now playable, she is no longer bugged spawning you with both the characters combined. Peasants now run upon being attacked rather then just standing there and allowing you to hit them. Saving and loading is now fully functional, I bugged the loading sequence when I intorduced Alpha 7A but this is no longer the case! One known issue with loading is if you are in the middle of a quest and save, upon loading from a game restart you will need to reactivate the quest, so complete ...


4 New quests have been added outside of Berglovian city, you will be prompted when you are close to the corrrect area! Stamina regen has been increased and you now only need a quater of your hunger bar filled to heal and regen stamina compared to the bar needing to be half filled before. Mainly small changes such as spelling errors and fixing small bugs such as gliding NPC's and wrong directions on the minimap.






  • OS: Windows XP+
  • Processor: CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2004 should work.
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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