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Cities: Skylines

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What is Cities: Skylines?

Cities: Skylines is a city-building game that focuses on open-ended city-building simulation.

Who made Cities: Skylines?

Colossal Order made Cities: Skylines and Paradox Interactive published the game.

When did Cities: Skylines come out?

Cities: Skylines launched on March 10, 2015.

Where can I buy Cities: Skylines?

You can buy Cities: Skylines on Steam, Epic Games Store, Paradox Store, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and HRK Game.

How much is Cities: Skylines?

You can buy Cities: Skylines for 27,99€. But you can buy a Cities: Skylines Xbox One key on HRK Game for a lower price at all times.


Buy a Cities: Skylines Xbox One key and

See Colossal Order's modern take on the classic city sim formula. New gameplay elements increase the thrill and challenge of creating and maintaining your own city. The sky's the limit, so let your imagination run wild as you build the city from your dreams!

Cities: Skylines and its Key Features:

Complex Simulation Gameplay

Playing as a mayor of your own city is easy in the beginning. But can you manage education, police, healthcare, and more as your city grows? The economy is a fiddly thing, and your citizens will react to all of the changes you make to their city.

Complex Traffic Simulation

You're going to enjoy the game's insanely fleshed-out and complex local traffic simulation that's both a treat and an immense challenge to players.

Manage your Districts and Policies

Immerse yourself in your role and help your people. When you designate a part of your city as a district, it applies policies that help you reach the role of Mayor.

Dynamic Day and Night Cycle

Take into consideration the differences between night and day. Traffic is slower at night, but it's much more jampacked during the day. With these elements taken into consideration, manage each aspect of the city so it works both during the day and night.

Thriving Modding Scene

Once you buy a Cities: Skylines Xbox One key, you don't have to worry about content. The game's modding tools and modding scene are constantly active. You can also share any content you create and let others download and try it out!


Buy a Cities: Skylines Xbox One key and enjoy this modern spin on the city builder simulation genre

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