Cultivation Story: Reincarnation

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Cultivation Story: Reincarnation is a top-down pixle art style action roguelike game. The game's plot and settings are mainly based on chinese mythology and chinese culitvation.


-Pxiel art style graphics
-Randomly generated map layout
-Randomly generated weapons with different stats

-Random rewards from enemies and chests
-Some desicion making, inlcuding passive selections and npc interactions

-There are no hidden changes Away for 10 days, will start to make zone 6 once back thank you for understanding -Added combination effects for 3 waepons -Broken sword boss's draw sword spinning attack damage reduced by 20% -Fixed a bug where floating cloud move speed bonus is multiplicative instead of additive -Fixed a bug where floating cloud is not providing damage bonus for domninating charge -Removed door statue colliders for hidden shop and wish well room -Fixed a bug where metal meteorite's...


-There are no hidden changes -Fixed a bug where gamepad can not confirm selection -Decreased injured person combat health level ratio 3-2.5 -Added a new boss for zone 4, both bosses have the same chance to spawn -Added a new special room type that spawns randomly across zone 1-3(once) -Added a new random encounter: Metal meteorite -Decreased runaway time of injured person during combat(1-2s)-(0.4-0.6s) -Enhanced combination checks for weapons and fabaos -Added a upward message for body type ch...


-There are no hidden changes -Added a new boss for zone 3, both bosses have the same chance to spawn -Updated Four-Horned attack pattern slightly -Added descriptions for assorted unlocks for defeating peach; "resetting related talents no longer refund soul fragments" -Fixed a bug where obtaining 3 holy beasts does not proc beasts to grow in size -Fixed a bug where Spirit Congeal does not display combination effect on bookshelf


There are no hidden changes -Added a new boss for zone 2, both bosses have the same chance to spawn -Decreased zone 2 boss's projectile count by 1/3 -Sale function for skills has been changed to read, current run comprehension +1 -Fixed a visual bug where under certain resolutions, some ui texts are missing -Added show/hide damage number setting -Fixed description error for Elder's Note


-Fixed a bug where if screen resolution is greater than 1920x1080, dialogue window and minimap are mislocated -Game setting will now save player adjusted window size, please restart the game after resolution modifications for in game UIs to adapt the new resolution -Fxied a visual bug related to resolution change -Added 2560x1440 full screen mode -Added 2480x1395 windowed mode -Fixed earth sword attack visual bug






  • OS: Windows 10 64 bit
  • Processor: 2.50GHZ
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 600 MB available space


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