Dangerous Lands - Magic and RPG

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  • Dangerous Lands - Magic and RPG

Watch out! You are in Dangerous Lands, where monsters and magic can be found everywhere.

These lands are infested with monsters, use potions to recover your health and mana.

Always save your game, this game doesn't have auto-save features.

Fight with monsters through the entire land. Use your sword and combine with your magic to obliterate all enemies in your way.

- Level up your character
- Learn new magic to destroy your enemies and increase your power
- Fight with lots of different enemies
- Get coins to purchase items and equipment that will make your journey easier
- Help people by completing a lot of quests

One player reported that he found a bug when he saves the game and tries to load it again. After loading the game, the character helmet, glove, boots are gone. I fix the bug, but another bug appears because of that, this new bug breaks the game. Considering that there only 2 items for each type of these items (2 helmets to be equipped, 2 gloves, 2 boots). I prefer to remove the accessories from the player (helmet, boots, glove). Merchants will not sell these items anymore. So, it's not possible ...


A new area is available, 3 enemies are coming (new boss included)


The new map is available now in the new update. Is it possible to change the map view by pressing the "E" button, zoom in and zoom out is available using the "O" and "L" buttons. Is it possible to change keys for skills now through the Unity Launcher (the screen that appears when you click on the game through Steam client)


New area and new enemies are available now in Dangerous Lands.


Now I have an exact time when the update will be released. On August 14th the update will be released for all users on Steam. The update will include new enemies and a new area.






  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 625m or higher


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