Dark Days

  • Dark Days
You are Carter. A lone hunter stationed on the isolated island of Colbrook. Everyone on the island has either been infected with some kind of bacteria or is in a state of survival. Your objective is to escape the island alive and save as many survivors as you can! The game has a compelling story line, with various character involvement and cinematic cut scenes.

In this top down zombie survival game you must scavenge areas for crucial items, survive waves of zombies, search for any survivors and secure safe houses. By securing safe houses with survivors and repairing your barricades you will be able to fast-travel in the game. You will be required to craft important items that will help you on your quest. You will also have access to multiple weapons, such as hand guns, assault rifles, powerful shotguns, a crossbow, throwing knives, cocktail molotovs, explosive mines, grenades and more. You will also have various melee weapons to break crates containing items to craft or simply to defend yourself when you’re out of ammo.

As you progress in the game you will find blueprints that will unlock new crafting skills. These skills will be indispensable for creating medic packs to heal yourself, sticky bombs for breaking down important doors, lock picks for gaining access to secret areas or for crafting several other weapons. The game also has optional side quests like collecting important letters that will give insight on the infection or completing achievements.

The different infected you will encounter:

Slow Zombies - Relatively easy to kill, yet can appear in mass. 
Runners - Fast zombies with more resistance. Will add a new level of stress! 
Zombie Beasts - Slow, yet very resistant and very strong. Don't let these guys touch you! 

Game Features

  • Try to escape the island and the infection 
  • Find survivors and secure safe houses 
  • Scavenge the areas and then craft your weapons and items 
  • Buy new weapons in the optional shop 
  • Collect letters and obtain achievements 
  • Try not to die

This is it, we're lauching the game officaly tomorrow. Thanks to all our pre-alpha testers for purchasing the game and helped us in the development.


In this new 600mb beta release we’ve added a completed story line with the main campaign objectives. You are Carter, a lone hunter, trying to survive an infection on a far-away island. As you try desperately to escape you will cross paths with various characters on your way. In this update we’ve revamped all maps with new graphics, lighting effects, new cut scenes for plot development, new weapons and new items to craft. Throughout the game you will find blueprints that will unlock crafting skil...


The beta is finally out! We've added many new features and have revamped all maps with new graphics. Explore new maps in Colbrook Island and try a way to leave this place. Don't forget to leave us a feedback in the discussion forum. Thanks


Hey guys, Great news; we have a new update to the current beta version. This 600mb update is very close to the final version of the game. The version is relatively stable but still has some minor improvements needed, which we are currently working on. Please give us your feedback and bug reports in the community forum. We look forward to your comments.


Hi guys! Here's what to expect in the Dark Days beta version, which should be released in a few weeks now. There will be 30+ maps to explore, more items to scavenge and weapons to craft or buy. We also have a compelling story line with the main character Carter, who will try to rescue survivors as he manages to survive himself. There will be main quests that evolve during the campaign, such as rescuing survivors, securing safe houses and trying to find meaning to what's going on on Colbrook Isla...




  • OS: Windows Vista 32 / 64 bit
  • Processor: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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