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Deep Despair is a retro-styled survival sandbox. The game repeats many of the mechanics of the notorious Minecraft, but most of them in the game are rethought for the sake of realism and credibility. The game world is divided into 4 levels: the upper world, caves, caves with rivers and caves with lava. At each level there is a descent to the next level. Going below, you can find and extract more valuable resources. Abandoned mines are also found in dungeons. Traveling around the world, you can get various resources necessary for crafting and survival. Implemented a dynamic change of time of day. For a poorly developed character, night becomes a serious test, so it is recommended to spend it in the house that you need to have time to build. A bonfire, food, weapons and shelter are all you need for successful survival. You can freely explore the whole world and plan your actions in any order. Travel, collect resources, craft items, dig, build, grow crops and survive. All in the best traditions of Minecraft!

• Complete freedom of action
• Over 100 units of content
• Big worlds to explore
• Advanced hunger system
• Craft items
• Construction and gathering
• Cultivation of crops
• Hunting and survival

Gameplay mechanics:
• Wood mining
To get wood, you need to cut down the tree, put the fallen logs on the ground and again chop them with an ax. Then several units of wood suitable for crafting will fall out.
• Bonfires
A bonfire is needed for frying meat and potatoes. It is assembled from sticks and ignited by a flint. To fry food, you need to put raw meat in a fire, wait for the condition and pick up when the meat is ready. Condition can be traced to the changed food icon. The bonfire goes out over time, so it is necessary to throw brushwood (sticks). You can put out a watering can or a bucket of water. Destroyed by any tool, breaking up into sticks.
• Cultivation of crops
In the game you can grow wheat and potatoes. Wheat seeds can be obtained from tall grass or by the interaction of a hoe with a block of grass. When digging up the soil with a low chance, potatoes or fertilizer may fall out. They can also be found in chests in mines.
To plant, you need to loosen the soil with a hoe and stick the seeds. Crops grow only on moist soil. It automatically becomes wet if there is water nearby. Otherwise, hydration is carried out using a watering can filled with water. The soil dries out over time, so it needs to be watered periodically. The use of fertilizer or bone meal on the soil increases the growth of crops by 2 times.
• Nutrition
The game implements a hunger system, so the character needs to constantly eat. The following types of food are available: meat, potatoes, bread and berries. Food has a different saturation level. Raw food reduces hunger, but does not saturate, so it is advisable to eat it cooked.
Health is restored automatically if satiety is more than 80%. With a satiety of 50% or less, the character becomes slow, and with complete hunger, he loses health until death.

Deep Despair Remastered is an improved version of the original game with significant graphic, visual and sound enhancements. Survival, construction, craft, dangerous dungeons, battles, and everything that you did in the original game, now feels completely new! Thanks to the cardinal processing of the game and its transfer to a new engine, the survival experience will become much brighter and more atmospheric! Welcome again: Deep Despair is back in a new guise, your adventure is just beginning .....


Greetings! At the request of many players, I released a patch that removes screen shaking. Not everyone liked it, and I hope that now your experience in Deep Despair will be more pleasant! Enjoy your game, dear players!


Fixed a bug where the background in the menu was not displayed full screen when changing the resolution Added hot keys for displaying FPS (F3) and switching full-screen mode (F4) A glove has been added to the starting inventory to dismantle furniture and building blocks Dried trees added. Break without a tool. When destroyed, sticks fall out Added a bed that allows you to skip the night and set the spawn point. To fall asleep, you must first cover it with wool Updated graphics of all trees






  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Quad Core Processor 2.6+ GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 / AMD Radeon R7 240
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 400 MB available space


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