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DINO RUN DX is an ongoing evolution of the classic prehistoric multiplayer racing game. Control your iconic raptor through an endless assortment of procedurally generated landscapes and outrun the ever-approaching WALL OF DOOM. Will you end up one of the millions of doomsday casualties, or will you ESCAPE EXTINCTION?


  • A unique experience every time you play... no two levels are ever the same.
  • 3 major single player gameplay modes: CHALLENGE, PLANET D and SPEEDRUNS.
  • Realtime multiplayer with chat, matchmaking and more unique levels to race in. Climb the ranks and show your dominance!
  • Choose from a staggering number of hat and color combinations to hone your look... unlock even more hats by completing game milestones.
  • FREERUN MODE: turn off the doom, chat with other players during actual gameplay, spawn boulders and npc dinos, roleplay.... do what you want!

How is DX different than previous versions of the game?
If you've only played the web version from years ago, you'll find DX is a dramatic improvement with more levels, hats and gameplay options. If you've played Dino Run SE, the major differences are completely redone backgrounds and an extra layer of polish, true fullscreen mode, controller support, steamworks integration, improved multiplayer security, freerun mode, and many, many more hats and colors to choose from.

fun Facts:

  • The original web version has been played over 100 million times (source: Mochibot)
  • Pixeljam, the creators of Dino Run, have made over 20 games since 2006.
  • Dino Run helped pioneer the "runner" genre of games, before it was popularized on mobile and started to truly suck.
  • Dinosaurs did not actually wear hats, but there are tiny traces of them in the plastic tightening straps on all baseball caps.

Hello All, In the Beta branch, you will find version 1.61 of the game that adds 6 new face masks to the game. Practice safe doomsurfing and protect other dinos from the... apocalypse? We'll make this version live once we know it works well on Windows (we haven't compiled a new version in years). Also this Friday, May 15th, we'll be activating 3X XP for multiplayer racing. Come join us in an effort to keep the multiplayer lobby from looking like the barren wasteland that it usually is! {STEAM_CLA...


Hello all, Times are weird, and if you are doing your best to combat boredom or craziness, we'd like to help. Actually, let's help each other? We're offering 1 free older game of ours to anyone that wants one, in exchange for helping us out a little (either through a signal boost, wishlist or other means). All you have to do is fill out this simple form with your email, the game you want and a few other things: We also just launched the latest update to Nova D...


Hello all, If you own the OST to the game, you'll notice that we just upgraded it with tons of Gifs, Wallpapers, Artwork and Design Sketches. If you don't own it, it's here: Enjoy!


Hello all, Yesterday we launched PIXELJAM COMPLETE, a massive collection that brings together 14 years of our creative output in a single bundle. 20+ games & soundtracks Prototypes & alphas from projects we never finished Wallpapers, design sketches, art, gifs, comics, music & more You can find it here: pixeljam.itch.io/pixeljam-complete In tandem with this bundle, we are also ...


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  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 Ghz CPU
  • Memory: 500 MB RAM
  • Storage: 45 MB available space






  • OS: 10.6
  • Processor: 1 Ghz CPU
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


Jarraya Mahdi
Jarraya Mahdi
Dino Run DX is a unique side-scroller that brings the simple 1980’s mechanics to modern 8-bit gaming. With such a huge range of content, customization, statistics and creativity from the developers, players will spend tens of hours escaping extinction as this prehistoric themed side-scroller delivers a unique game experience through solid mechanics, lasting content and 8-bit nostalgia.
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