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DinoSystem is a 2D, top-down ecosystem and survival simulation that allows players to either manage the ecology of an evolving island (inhabited by dinosaurs), or survive in it as a human, dealing with realistic survival mechanics, and with a deep character progression system that tracks how your character's body adapts over time.

An emergent, living world:

Everything on the island is subject to biological and physical rules, and nothing comes from nothing: will you hunt the last dinosaur of its species for a steak, or will you protect it from extinction and make sure its eggs hatch? These are the dilemmas you'll face in the game, as long as YOU don't get extinct.


To see all the features planned for the full release and the ideas we are considering, please check the development roadmap, and feel free to join the discussion and make suggestions!

Game Modes:

  • God: Manage the island ecology, change the weather, trigger devastating events, and see how the ecosystem adapts.
  • Survival: Join the island as a stranded human, see how long you can survive as part of it, and how your body changes in the process.

World Features:

  • Ecology simulation: the game simulates a Cretaceous ecosystem populated mainly by dinosaurs. Animals and plants don't "spawn"; they are born, grow, reproduce and die.
  • DinoSystem uses a seasonal model that calculates day/night length, relative position of the sun, and influences the weather; seasons transition is totally gradual.
  • Realistic weather model that takes into account variables like time of day, humidity, temperature, and pressure; generating weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, sand/snowstorms, thunderstorm and fog.
  • Thunders can trigger wildfires, which can burn down entire forests.
  • Realistic water cycle: rain creates puddles that can either evaporate or grow into ponds and lakes. Evaporation takes into account air humidity, temperature and sun exposure.
  • Terrain changes according to factors like presence of water, weather, vegetation, and location. Any area can become fertile or arid, new forest or grasslands may form or disappear over time.
  • Fire (from torches to campfires and wildfires) consumes available fuel, releasing heat and light, and it's influenced by air humidity and wind; you body and all objects near a fire are heated up. Fire can spread to nearby vegetation and trigger a wildfire, if ambient conditions are favourable.
  • Animals AI allows them to survive in their world and adapt; they'll reproduce, care for their youngs, look for protection or compete for food and mating.
  • Each new island is generated at game start, based on parameters set by the player.
  • Everything, from dead animals to branches, decomposes based on factors like temperature, humidity, and location. There is no "timer" after which an item or a carcass disappears.

Survival Features:

  • Deep, complex and rewarding character progression system: metabolism, body muscles and fat change according to your lifestyle, and your character's sprite changes in appearance to reflect this. Get fat to survive winter, get slim to be lighter and swifter, or get muscular to be stronger in combat and more capable of hard work, but make sure to eat enough proteins.
  • Needs like thirst and hunger are not just bars that drop at a constant rate: everything, from performing actions to metabolism and body weight, influence the rate at which you burn calories, consume water or get tired. For example, high temperature or intense activity make you sweat, requiring you to drink more water. Also, you won't die directly by malnutrition, but as you starve you lose fat, until you become too weak and eventually die from the elements.
  • Dozens of skills, both mental and physical, that raise as you perform the related action; but can also decay if you don't practice them for a long time.
  • Crafting/Building system allowing you to create items, clothing, weapons, as well as build your own shelter (unless you find a cave..).
  • Foods with different nutrition values: meat is valuable because of proteins, but make sure you cook it...

Many more features will be added throughout the development! Again, check the development roadmap, and feel free to get involved and suggest new features.


If you have a decent graphics card and still have bad performance, it's possible your card is not being used to run the game. Try enabling your graphics card for run_game.exe (the game launcher), here's a guide for NVIDIA and ATI.

Hello survivors! I wanted to share a quick update about the next major DinoSystem version labled as v0.96! v0.96 includes many improvements to several areas of the game, like animal AI, skill system, survival balance, addition of the Waterskin and more; but the main change of this update (and the one I wanted to show off in this announcement) is in the graphics department. All graphics in DinoSystem have been upscaled and enhanced! Previously, zooming at max zoom, texture did appear extremely lo...


This update SHOULD BE compatible with savegames from previous v0.88.0+! But it's still advised to start a new game, as the amount of changes is enormous. Click here for the - FULL CHANGELOG A NOTE FROM THE DEV: First of all, sorry for the huge delay. The last 12 months have been incredibly tumultuous, I've been working on this update in my spare time, which I had plenty of, but being the perfectionist I am, I always had some minor details to focus on! Also, the waterskin anticipated for this up...


Hello there! It's been a long time! I just wanted to let you know I'm working on the next update, and it's a big one. Quick summary (subject to changes): -Didelphodon (small mammal) -Craftable waterskin -Tool repairing and quality system -Improved survival balance -Reworked soreness and other survival mechanics -Improved ecology balance -Bug fixes (as always) The extensive, WIP changelog will be released in few days in the changelogs section of the forum. About the update, there is no fixed ETA,...


This update IS compatible with savegames from previous v0.88.0+! This is a minor update that includes some balance tweaks and various small improvements, as well as several important fixes. I've decided to release this before the actual v0.91 (which will add a new animal, the Didelphodon) to address those issues as soon as possible, since the next major update is still in the works and requires some weeks. GRAPHICS: - When moved during actions (es: components moved on build spot during building)...


This update IS compatible with savegames from previous v0.88.0+! SYSTEM: - Minimum zoom expanded by 2x. AUDIO: - Animal sound produced when poisoned has pitch increased if it's young, just as other sounds. INTERFACE: - Combat Stance message will now also show when enabling it by equipping a weapon. - Added new hints for disabling Combat Stance and Sneaking. - Improved hints appearing when failing at lighting fire. - Minor changes to some game messages. - Debug info (toggled with F3) text format ...






  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64bit)
  • Processor: Core i3 1.8 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 450 / 560m
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: If using a laptop, make sure to enable your dedicated graphics card for run_game.exe (the game launcher) from the Nvidia/Catalyst control panel





  • OS: Windows 10 (32/64bit)
  • Processor: Core i5 2.5 GHz
  • Graphics: GTX 850 / 960m
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: If using a laptop, make sure to enable your dedicated graphics card for run_game.exe (the game launcher) from the Nvidia/Catalyst control panel


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