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DOOM – Nintendo Switch brings one of the most violent and engaging single-player shooters to this handheld console in all of its glory. Anyone that wishes to buy and download DOOM – Nintendo Switch needs to have a microSD card with at least 32GB of free space, as well as 5GB of system memory.

Demonic spawns from Hell aren't an enemy that a normal human can face. They are the things that humans fear the most to be precise. But, there is a certain someone that evokes feelings of terror and despair in these foul things. The Doom Slayer, a deadly and unmatched soldier that only has one mission: Eliminate as many demons as possible. Players will assume the role of this badass in id Software's reboot of the popular single player shooter franchise that is bloodier and more action-packed than ever.

There isn't another game on the market that makes killing demons as fun as DOOM does.  Chaotic action mixed in with a slick and fluid movement system makes for a combat system that feels satisfying and rewarding each time you crush a skull of a hellspawn. Once slaughtering demons becomes tedious, there's always the multiplayer modes where you go against other players such as yourself.

No taking cover, no waiting for your health to regenerate, DOOM is all about nonstop action with iconic and futuristic guns, potent upgrades, a complex and savage melee system, and more!

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