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DRAGON BALL FighterZ - Nintendo Switch brings back the DRAGON BALL series to the 2D screen with all of your favorite fighters, both old and new!

What is the thing that the entire Dragon Ball franchise is known for? Spectacular and breathtaking battles and brutally epic action. DRAGON BALL FighterZ is all about that, letting players assume the roles of their favorite heroes or villains and then charge into battle! Who will prevail depends entirely on the players and their skills, as the combat system of the game is highly intuitive but complex enough that there's a big difference between someone who mastered their character and someone that just picked them up.

Arc System Works did an incredible job with the graphics that immerse you into the world straight away with highly detailed anime graphics that feature vivid explosions, slick movement, and impactful punches. Absolutely gorgeous visuals and impressive audio do all the characters and stages justice.

3vs3 Tag/Support gameplay lets you create a dream team of characters that can be swapped out in the middle of battle. Skillful players can use that to perform brutal high-speed tag combinations that can devastate enemies. Lastly, there's a brand new scenario in the Story Mode that features a new character, Android 21, whose creation was supervised by Akira Toriyama!

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