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What is Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2.5D fighter that combines relentless brawler action with incredible anime graphics.

Who made Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Dragon Ball FighterZ was developed by Arc System Works and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.

When does Dragon Ball FighterZ come out?

Dragon Ball FighterZ came out on January 26, 2018.

How many characters are in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Dragon Ball FighterZ has a total of 44 characters.

How much is Dragon Ball FighterZ on Steam?

You can buy Dragon Ball FighterZ on Steam for 59,99€.

Where can I find a cheap Dragon Ball FighterZ key?

You can find a cheap Dragon Ball FighterZ key on HRK Game.

Buy your Dragon Ball FighterZ Steam key and enjoy an offshoot of what makes the DRAGON BALL series so beloved and famous in the first place: its never-ending, spectacular battles between its all-powerful fighters.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ, which was developed in collaboration with Arc System Works, features high-end anime graphics and a fighting game that is simple to pick up but challenging to become proficient at.

Superior Quality Anime Graphics

DRAGON BALL FighterZ is a visual tour de force thanks to the power of the incredible Unreal engine and the super talented team at Arc System Works.

3vs3 Tag/Support

Construct your ideal team and work on improving your skills to become an expert at high-speed tag combinations.

Exciting and Engaging Online Systems and Features

IntenseRanked matches, an interactive lobby, crazy 6-player Party Match... There is something for every taste!

Exclusive Mode for Telling Stories

Learn about an untold scenario that stars Android 21, a brand new character whose development was overseen by Akira Toriyama himself. This story takes place in a world that has never been seen before.

Fights That Are a True Spectacle

Enjoy aerial combos, destructible stages, and iconic moments from the DRAGON BALL anime in full 1080p resolution and at a frame rate of 60 frames per second.

Buy your Dragon Ball FighterZ Steam key on HRK Game today and enjoy one of the best Dragon Ball brawlers!

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