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Buying EA Access - 1 Month - Xbox One gives you a one-month period of time of this incredibly useful and comprehensive service.

EA Access is a subscription-based gaming service that is offered by Electronic Arts for Microsoft and Xbox One users.  It gives you access to all kinds of various games that were published by Electronic Arts. This service launched on August 11th, 2014.

There are many increments of the service that you can purchase ranging from one month to 12-month ones, and you can buy these from the Xbox Game Store and also from all kinds of third-party retailers. Players that use this service have the ability to play fully unlocked titles for free. As long as this service remains active, meaning you're still paying for it monthly, you can play the games from the Vault which always gets titles added to it. You can no longer play these games once the EA Access membership gets revoked, but the progress that you made in those games stays. No Xbox Live membership is required for this service, but it is advisable to have that as well in order to be able to use the multiplayer features that certain titles offer.

Having EA Access also means that you get special discounts when you're buying any games on the Xbox One. Pre-ordering certain titles through EA Access means that you can get unique versions of the game that are playable five days before the official launch. Basically, it gives you the unique option of playing the game with only other members that pre-ordered that title through EA Access.

Buy this service today for the best and most efficient Xbox One experience!

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