EURGAVA - Fight for Haaria

  • EURGAVA - Fight for Haaria

Eurgava Fight for Haaria welcomes you to follow Heizi the huntsman back to his country Haaria after finishing his pilgrimage. The letter he received described the currently horrible situation: The country is still in chaos after the previous war with Dokia. The current chieftain of his home village Ouska went missing. No one else was capable to keep all the madness in Haaria from reaching Ouska. Raiders came, ransacked the riches, and enslaved most of Ouska's populace. With only a handful of people ready to fight back and reclaim what has been taken, Heizi has to take the place as a temporary figurehead and lead his people to rebuild Ouska and fight for Haaria.

As common folk of Ouska, weak and untrained, they are about to make countless struggles and face things they never encounter before. They need to REBUILD their village with whatever RESOURCES or ITEMS they have FOUND or DISCOVERED in each DEPARTURE. They are not to punch everything in the face recklessly like warriors in real battle. Outmatched and outnumbered at least FOUR TO ONE most of the time, they will need to know how to DEFEND with unwavering toughness and sharpened reflex, and only ATTACK when an opening or two presents themselves. With this big picture in mind, this game mechanism is designed into a REACTION-BASED, resource management playstyle complete with usable BATTLE AIDS, 6-slot INVENTORY system accessible through your keyboard, and lots of UNLOCKABLES.

So don't wait, get Eurgava Fight for Haaria today and get into the action!

Finally, a sidescroller beat-em-up adventure! A genre people already familiar with! So you better ready your controller! Wishlist it now! - Ibrahim Indra Baskara


Watch it on YouTube If you've been playing with the playable demo on gamejolt, you might be better off forgetting everything you know. The story has changed, items works a bit differently, the way you progress is no longer the same, etc. Full version will be available this year 2019. Exact release date TBA. Sorry for leaving you all in the dark for too long, but I believe the wait is still worth it. - Ibrahim Indra Baskara


Try it on Gamejolt, itchio, or IndieDB YOU CAN FINALLY MOVE AROUND here, since you're not roleplaying as some peasant from a destroyed village in Haaria. Now we get to look at countries other than Haaria, as a foreign magical prodigy on a mission to end a global phenomenon people called "Magical Disturbance" by visiting the location of its source... WITHIN A TIME LIMIT. You have multiple weapons and magics that you can mix-n-match for various effects. There's a gh...


Exactly what it says on the title, guys. Time sure flows fast. This game is 1 year old already. Patch 1.032 : Disabled mouse click on Battle Aids, to avoid accidental use during a run. You can still use hotkey QWERTY for them. Perhaps you're looking forward to the sequel I mentioned in the previous announcement? Then check EURGAVA's faceebook, or my team's patreon: That's all! Ibrahim Indra Baskara


Working together with my circle Mozaic Heaven up until now, I realized how great the possibility EURGAVA has. So I decided to have Mozaic Heaven include my sequel in their Patreon to gain support. WHY? For those of you who played the game and hopefully, discovered most of the items, endings, and unlockables: You and I both know this game has LOTS of room for improvement. On top of that, a sequel is on its way, named "EURGAVA - Tomb of Senza". But it will take eons...





  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.00 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: 16:9 resolution recommended
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