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The World Is JUST Enough!

Evil Genius 2 is a satirical spy-fi lair builder, where players take control of an Evil Genius and set their plans for world domination in motion. When it feels this good to be bad, the Forces of Justice don’t stand a chance!

Build your own unique evil lair and cover operation, Train a force of criminal minions, Defendyour Lair from the Forces of Justice, and Dominate the world with a Doomsday Device in this direct sequel to the 2004 cult classic!

Cruel Constructions!

Every villain needs an island lair, so pick your paradise and put your own sinister stamp on it! Shape the internal structure of your hazardous hideaway to fit your play-style, and construct wonderfully wicked devices for your minions to put to use.

Atrocious Anti-Heroes!

Competence isn’t going to cut it when you’re running an evil operation. As you expand and train your minion workforce, you can create new specialists to help further your evil plans! Need something a little more…intimidating? Recruit powerful Henchmen that complement your play style; every mastermind needs a right hand…or several, in fact!

Dastardly Devices!

The Forces of Justice are annoyingly punctual, so supplement your brute force by researching and developing a series of trap networks! Send those do-gooders spinning with a Pinball Bumper, or put the chomp on them with the Venus Spy-Trap. While one trap is good, more is…evil-er. Combo your traps to banish intruders for good!

Nefarious Plots!

Carry out evil schemes to further your plot to build a Doomsday Device and dominate the world! Sell the British Royal Family, Kidnap the Governor of Maine, and literally BAKE ALASKA. With hundreds of potential objectives, variety is the spice of strife.

Rebellion, one of Europe’s leading independent studios, is delighted to reveal a brand new gameplay trailer for Evil Genius 2: World Domination, featuring none other than the legendary Brian Blessed. The new trailer features world-first gameplay footage of playable genius Red Ivan, as voiced by Blessed. Not only can you see Red Ivan’s literally iron fist and destructive rocket launcher in action, but also never-before-seen traps, minions, henchmen, roo...


The Dos and Dodos of Domination Hello, minions! Rich Edwards here, Lead Designer on Evil Genius 2, here to lift the lid on another Development Blog. Does a blog have a lid? No matter. Let’s talk about World Domination. In the last blog, we talked a little bit about the differences between each Evil Genius’ campaigns, but that was just a tease. The full World Domination mode is so much more. World Domination {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35214975/148095ffce1f769b8e5c178ba2868fad2791feac.jpg In the last blog...


Hello everyone! It’s Rich Edwards, Lead Designer on Evil Genius 2, and I’m running out of ways to say “I’m back again.” I’m back once more with another Development Blog for you. Today I’m going to be changing up the format slightly and telling you about all of our Evil Geniuses. You may already know some of them, but there are a definitely a couple you don’t… so let’s get on with introducing our four nefarious supervillains. First of all, let’s talk about how they play, and their place in the gr...


Hello, minions! Recently, we invited a select group of individuals to a series of exclusive, hands-off preview sessions for Evil Genius 2: World Domination. The evil thing to do would be to ask you to do the necessary legwork…but we figured a good misinformation campaign needs some propaganda. So, we’ve compiled a selection of our personal favourites here for your enjoyment. Happy reading, muahahaha. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35214975/3f2710d7d76251008acd5a1600d99a3664c77170.jpg PC Gamer “This sequel i...


If you've been eagerly awaiting news of Evil Genius 2, the follow-up to the cult classic strategy management hybrid, then today's your lucky day; Rebellion has just released a new six-minute look at some of the new features to be found when it launches in the first half of next year. The original Evil Genius was the work of developer Elixir Studios (founded by former Lionhead and Bullfrog alumni Demis Hassabis) and released back in 2004. As you'd hope, Rebellion's sequel takes its predecessor's ...






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