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In Fae Tactics, follow a young magic user named Peony on her journey across a vibrant world full of mystery and danger. Summon allies, cast spells, and befriend a motley crew of characters as you dive into the growing conflicts between man and magical beings known as fae.

Long ago the world of magic was separated from the natural world by Elemental Gates. One day the seal on the gates was broken, flooding the natural world with magical fae creatures once thought to be myths. The worlds merging was imperfect and much of the land was torn apart. The devastation claimed the lives of most of the population of natural and fae creatures alike. Those that survived have forged new lives in the ruins of the old worlds, but growing tension between man and fae threaten to finish what began with the opening of the gates.


  • Unique menuless turn based tactical gameplay.
  • Manage the magical elements of your party to counter the enemies elements.
  • Befriend a colorful cast of allies! Level Up and customize their abilities.
  • Battle all kinds of Fae creatures and collect them into your team.
  • Find powerful and unique Spells to help tip the scales in your favor.
  • Traverse a variety of colorfully detailed environments in this isometric wonderland.
  • Unravel secrets as you explore the various conflicts in the world in any order you want!


Hotfix A hotfix was released after the initial update to address a crash that occurred when enemies tried to cast then Entomb spell talisman. A few Ui display bugs that were done right before the hot-fix had to be made have also been implemented. Fixes -Battle fail conditions sometimes display incorrectly for boss battles. -Crit damage bonus from camping displayed incorrectly on some units outside of battle. -Bug where the multi hits of Piercing Dance/Entomb were not considered spell damage. -Or...


Still images of Fae Tactics imply that it is looking to recapture the tactical charms of tactical RPGs of yore. Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics stalwarts should rest assured - the foundation of this game is the same shape and size of those classics. But the framework holds up a structure that cleverly reshapes some genre tropes without reinventing it. As Peony, a human that can cast magic (read: a witch) your journey to find your lost mother is a pretty straightforward one, as far as prota...


Fixes -Some subspecies drop talisman before you acquired the base summon. -Zealot lock when using Eternal Darkness while Petrified/Frozen. -Protection wait skill would block Eternal Darkness. -Lock when protecting unit is afflicted with petrify curse. -Rhyfel ultra lock after jumping near a protected unit. -Sea Cross Round 20 crash. -Chariot XII 05 description corrected. -Range prediction checking mistakenly ignoring jump height. -Player leader stuck in lava if dropped by crumbling ground. -Wave...


NOTE: If you had performance slowdown after this update, try re-downling the update as we just hotfixed it shortly after the update went up. Fixes -Gremlin warlords mistakenly spawned in Desert Mouse Den free battles. -Some fixes cursor issues on multi-monitor setups. -Sunday bug fixed. -Party member lore text cut off in some languages. -Lucky day no longer increases the Lv of enemy units of the matching element. -True Sight enchant properly removes evasion chance from the tooltip. -Smaragden se...


Fae Tactics is turn-based wizard whacking in the same vein as the much-beloved Final Fantasy Tactics series, which is one of the few classic FF spin-offs that has somehow managed to bypass coming to PC throughout its long, if slightly spotty history. It’s effectively to Final Fantasy Tactics what Wargroove was to aggrieved Advance Wars fans – a game which scratches that nostalgic, pixellated tactics itch while bringing it up to date for modern PC players. As a result, Fae Tactics taps int...






  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit and later
  • Processor: 64 bit intel compatible dual core
  • Memory: 800 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


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