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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
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This product requires the base game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Steam in order to play. You can not run this product without this game.

Dress your Fall Guy in all manners of fantastical costume combinations with this set and gain a discounted 10,000 Kudos to boot! Kudos is an in-game currency you can use to buy in-game items that customise different aspects of your Fall Guy, such as costumes, colours and patterns! This pack gives you 10,000 Kudos! Fall Guys game is required. Kudos is limited by user-account and platform.

It's beans meets everybody's favourite Lombax-robot duo as beloved PlayStation mascots Ratchet & Clank prepare to make their debut in Mediatonic's knockabout battle royale game Fall Guys as part of a pair of limited-time events. Announcing the collaboration on the PlayStation Blog, Mediatonic explains players will be issued with a number of special challenges during each event (one of which is Ratchet-themed, the other focussing on Clank), and their points can be used to unlock event-specific re...


The fifth season of Fall Guys has a jungle theme, with Indiana Jones and Spelunky elements. A suspiciously-familiar adventurer with a whip and an officially-licensed Spelunky costume both feature in the battle royale's new battle pass. This season also sees the introduction of duos and trios matches, as well as Limited Time Events with challenges and unique rewards. Read more


Fall Guys' 80s-themed fourth season has reached its mid-point, meaning, as is now tradition, the arrival of a brand-new content update designed to freshen up the second half of the season with a variety of new gameplay twists and additions. As detailed over on the Fall Guys subreddit, Season 4.5, which is out now on PC and PlayStation 4, introduces two brand-new rounds - Slimescraper and Button Bashers - as well as a total of 55 variations across 12 rounds. Slimescraper is described as spiritual...


Fall Guys' neon-streaked fourth season, which sends everybody's favourite bean folk off to a very 80s future, is now live, bringing with it seven new rounds, a new squad mode, and more. Season 4's seven new rounds include the previously revealed 60-bean Skyline Stumble, which features a "mega assortment of fresh futuristic obstacles", alongside Roll On, which reworks the familiar Roll Out round into a 60-person race. There's also Hoverboard Heroes, Basketfall, Short Circuit, Power Trip, and Big ...


Fall Guys is going full-on retrowave for its fourth season, flinging its bean-shaped heroes to a neon-hued - and a very 80s - future when things gets underway next Monday, 22nd March. Previous seasons of Mediatonic's knockabout battle royale game have spruced up the bean-jostling action by introducing medieval and calendar-appropriate winter themes. Season four, however - officially known as Fall Guys 4041 - mixes things up with a throwback sci-fi aesthetic that'll inform everything from its cos...






  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 x64


i bought it but they didnt give redeem key by clicking gift accupt but is is not working scam
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Nick Marsmans
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