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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
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This product requires the base game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Steam in order to play. You can not run this product without this game.

Dress your Fall Guy in all manners of fantastical costume combinations with this set and gain a discounted 10,000 Kudos to boot! Kudos is an in-game currency you can use to buy in-game items that customise different aspects of your Fall Guy, such as costumes, colours and patterns! This pack gives you 10,000 Kudos! Fall Guys game is required. Kudos is limited by user-account and platform.

Fall Guys fans will soon be able to adorn their beloved beans in the pleasingly vintage stylings of developer Studio MDHR's iconic devil-bothering drinking receptacle guy, Cuphead, as part of a new crossover event starting later this week. Cuphead, who arrives alongside pal Mugman, is the latest in a steadily expanding line-up of video game characters to cameo in Mediatronic's smash-hit multiplayer party game, following the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Doom Guy. He'll debut as a purchasable c...


If you like the look of Fall Guys' latest costume you'd better be quick - it's only available until Tuesday, 16th February. Of course, it's no coincidence that the new Red Panda outfit release today, on Valentine's Day, but while it's described as a Valentine's "gift", it's not quite free love, as the cute costume will set you back 1000 kudos per piece. "This Valentine's Day Fall Guys has fallen for the players with a heartfelt message and a special Valentine's Day gift!" states the press releas...


UPDATE 2/2/21: Fall Guys' third-and-a-half season of content is now live on PlayStation and PC, bringing with it an ever-welcome mid-point freshen-up. As previously announced, it includes a brand-new round, over 40 variations for existing game types, and more - some of which make an appearance in Fall Guys' typically raucous Season 3.5 launch trailer below. Additional details on bug fixes and the like are available in developer Mediatonic's accompanying patch notes. ORIGINAL STORY 1/2/21: We're ...


Six months ago, Fall Guys arrived on PlayStation 4 via subscription service PlayStation Plus. Since then, it has been a PlayStation console exclusive, while also being available on PC. Six months later, it now seems a matter of if not when the breakout battle royale will come to other console platforms, such as Nintendo Switch and Xbox. But when will it happen? Around a week ago, a bit of light brandter between Fall Guys' cheeky Twitter and the official Xbox UK account set tongues wagging that F...


There are seven new levels, 30+ new skins and "many more festive surprises" on the way to Fall Guys' upcoming season 3 update. Developer Mediatonic tweeted the news over the weekend, adding that it had partnered with IGN for more exclusive season 3 reveals - which launches on 15th December - later this week. Mediatonic recently dropped a tweet revealing four new upcoming costumes for Fall Guys. Unlike its last reveal - which showed a teeny, tiny peek of Fall Guys' all-new season 3 that hardly to...






  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 x64


i bought it but they didnt give redeem key by clicking gift accupt but is is not working scam
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Nick Marsmans
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