Fallout New Vegas: Courier's Stash

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Fallout: New Vegas
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This product requires the base game Fallout: New Vegas on Steam in order to play. You can not run this product without this game.

Wake up in the Mojave Wasteland with an edge. Courier’s Stash™ gives players immediate access to four content bundles previously available only through pre-ordering Fallout: New Vegas®. The Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack and Tribal Pack each offer unique weapons, apparel and aid advantages that will help you throughout your journey.


  • Caravan Pack

    Lightweight Leather Armor, Sturdy Caravan Shotgun, 20 gauge Shotgun Shell (40x), Weapon Repair Kit (4x), Binoculars
  • Classic Pack

    Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit, Weathered 10mm Pistol, 10mm Round (50x), Vault 13 Canteen, Stimpak (5x)
  • Mercenary Pack

    Lightweight Metal Armor, Mercenary’s Grenade Rifle, 40mm Grenade (20x), Super Stimpak (3x), Doctor’s Bag (3x)
  • Tribal Pack

    Tribal Raiding Armor, Broad Machete, Bleak Venom (5x), Throwing Spear (10x)

Fallout: New Vegas was pretty well liked by critics and gamers, despite some of its signature open world jank. But it was just barely not well-liked enough to earn the team at Obsidian bonuses, according to creative director Chris Avellone. Metacritic score. The tweet didn't reveal a deadline for the score, which has probably long-since passed. The game currently stands at an 84 on PC and Xbox 360 (82 on PlayStation 3). " was a straight payment, no royalties, only a bonus if we got an 85+ on Met...


Fallout: New Vegas lead designer J.E. Sawyer has reworked the balance of Obsidian's post-apocalyptic RPG, amping up the difficulty and tinkering to his own preference. Intriguingly, these changes come in a mod of Sawyer's making, not any official patch. The mod, spotted by No Mutants Allowed, cuts the level cap, XP gain, health and healing, while also sprucing up a number of weapons and armour. A few more highlights are this-a-way. You can download the tiny 88KB mod direct from Sawyer. To use it...


Bethesda games have, simply put, not performed well on PS3. From Fallout 3 to Skyrim, PlayStation gamers have commonly experienced sluggish performance, especially as file sizes balloon up. Fallout: New Vegas project coordinator Joshua E. Sawyer recently talked about the memory limitations on PS3, which may provide some insight to Skyrim's performance issues. The PS3 suffers when dealing with large file saves, an "engine-level issue" caused by PS3's restrictive memory. "That can easily be a big ...


Now that the full slate of downloadable content has run its course for Fallout: New Vegas, Bethesda has announced that you can snag it all together in the upcoming 'Ultimate Edition.' The package is coming February 7 to North America (February 10 in Europe), and includes all of the DLC and associated level cap raises. For those who might not have photographic DLC memory, those packs include Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Courier's Stash, and the Gun Runners' Arsenal. ...


Fallout: New Vegas is a game about choices, political strife, ethical grays, and also blowing stuff up. With the attention going towards the recent Lonesome Road downloadable content, it's easy to forget that Bethesda teased a veritable truckload of new guns coming next week. Fortunately, we got a little reminder with highlights of some of the weaponry we can expect. Fallout: New Vegas 'Gun Runners Arsenal' DLC The Bethesda Blog shows off several new weapons, mods, and perks coming in the Gun...






  • OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6 series, ATI 1300XT series
  • Storage: 10 GB available space


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