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Fight’N Rage is a beat' em-up game that was inspired by classics from the '90s. This title was developed and published by sebagamesdev on September 19th, 2017.

Do you miss the old-school side-scroller beat' em up games from the golden age of gaming? With a style that takes its inspiration from arcade gems from the 90s and the classic gameplay formula that was loved then, Fight’N Rage brings an experience that combines the charm of old games with the polish of video games of today!

Depending on which character you select, players will get to experience alternative paths, cutscenes, and even endings. Your decisions also affect these things. All the routes in the arcade mode can be finished quickly if you've mastered the game's combat system. Speaking of which, thanks to a brutal combo system you can juggle your enemies and turn them into mincemeat with your attacks. The controls are simple and intuitive since there are only three actions you can perform (attack, jump, and use a special attack). But, combine these moves and you will perform spectacular combos.

The game itself isn't hard, but only when you master your character and his moves will you be able to dispatch of the tougher enemies with no issues. A local co-op mode lets up to 3 players enjoy the game together with an option to turn on friendly fire. There are over 20 characters which can be unlocked in the game's extra modes. Skip cutscenes if you want to get to the action quicker, enjoy a VS Mode against other players, turn the tables on your foes with the Parry System, and take on extra hard challenges meant for the most skilled of players!

I made a minor patch to store savedate more often now. Now, if you shut down the system or your pc crashes is much more probable that you keep your last advance and coins.


Due the launch of Fight'N Rage on consoles for Japanese audiences by EastAsiaSoft, it was possible to add the same translation to the PC version. =D I take this opportunity to thank the people of BlitWorks and EastAsiaSoft, for having worked together to bring us this translation, which I hope will allow to Japanese audiences enjoy the story of Fight'N Rage in a better way! =)


In this version there is a lot of improvements and even some new content that was made this last months. Some of the improvements comes from the fact that I’m currently working on new proyects that are using my framework. Here’s the list of new content: Added a new “Musical Gallery” at the Extras section, where you can unlock music themes while you play on other modes. Added a way to adjust screen brightness in the image adjustments. Added a little indicator that shows the control status below t...


Now you can play with an alternative joystick detection! This patch was maded thanks to this project: Wich is a great controller mapping database! In this version I also added support up to 500hz screen refresh rate (I think that the max in the market is 480hz (?)), and a lot of launch parameters too, here's the list: Input related params "-use_old_input" = Use old input reading architecture (in case you prefer it over the new one). "-disable_joyst...


I have updated the game due a glitch that was only happening on Cave stage at 60+ high refresh rates with F.Norris when you try to do an anti-air. Thanks Marco Rossi to reporting it via twitter! =) I have fixed another minor thing like windows start position on W10 scaled contexts (it was appearing slightly decentered). Additionally, I have adjusted some of the shop prices too. Those are the new prices: Cpu-Partners now costs 600 coins (instead of 1000). Easy Difficulty now costs 50 coins (inste...






  • OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or newer
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics (OpenGL 3.0.0, Shader Version 1.2)
  • Storage: 300 MB available space





  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: Core i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia Geforce GTX 660 or better
  • Storage: 300 MB available space


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