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“GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES”, the latest entry in the legendary "FATAL FURY" Series which still continues to fascinate players around the world to this day, returns for a new fight on Steam!

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Pick up a fighter from the 12 (+2) characters available, and fight your way via the “T.O.P. System”, “Just Defended”, and “Breaking” new battle mechanics in the "King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem" tournament, held this time in Second Southtown.

Connect to Steam and fight the hungriest wolves in “GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES” via the "Invite a Friend" & "Lobby" multiplayer features for the hottest battles ever!

Train and master your combos and battle strategies with your favorite characters before going to battle in this user-friendly game mode!

Check your current rank & score in “GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES” at any time, as well as those of your friends and other top fighters!

Configure all types of video options, controls and volume sound settings to your preference for the most pleasant “GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES” experience ever.

** WILL NOT RUN ON Windows XP **

Sega and Nintendo stole the headlines in the 90s, but SNK stole the imaginations of a generation with its exquisite Neo Geo machine, a console that fully delivered on the promise of arcade quality video games in your own home: it was, after all, an arcade machine you could effectively put under your own TV. First released in its full-spec MVS arcade cabinet before the home version - dubbed the AES, or Advanced Entertainment System - followed early in 1990, the Neo Geo still stands out as a conso...


Twitch Prime members get more than 20 free SNK games this summer - and some of them are arcade classics. The games will be made available in three drops, the first of which hits on Tuesday 26th May. Here are the games included in the first drop: Read more


That's right! In appreciation for all the fans of GAROU: Mark of the Wolves out there, Lead Designer NOBUYUKI KUROKI and Planning Lead YASUYUKI ODA will be joining KAISERWAVE for a special Q&A session! The stream will begin Feb 3rd at 9PM EST Be sure to follow and set your calendar because this is something you're not going to want to miss! Stream can be found here: KAISERWAVE Feel free to leave your questions here if you have any! Ask us something! Contact the SNK Community Manager for more det...


Are you okay? BUSTER WOLF!! Get ready to enjoy one of SNK's most popular fighting games, GAROU: Mark of the Wolves, now with enhanced netcode and bug fixes! This new update includes: New and improved port for Steam based on the PS4 release New achievements New leaderboards Code Mystics' unique Rollback netcode (previously featured in SSVS/KOF97) Fixes in both sound and visual desync Automatic or user-defined netcode settings For more information on Code Mystics' netcode and how to tune the optio...


Dear GAROU:MotW fans, we noticed that some of you are encountering framerate delay issues with DotEmu & SNK's latest NEOGEO release on Steam. In order to find a solution to this issue, we would truly appreciate it if users could share any useful information that might help us to understand and fix the issue (CPU, GPU, screen refresh rate, OS version, steps to reproduce, etc.). We will keep you updated about our progress. Thank you for playing GAROU:MotW!






  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Processor: Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 500 MB available space





  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8
  • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 500 MB available space


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