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A sinister curse corrupts the land. Darkness reigns. Monsters roam. Scoundrels loot. Cowards flee. Heroes emerge.

Lead heroes on an adventure to save what’s left of this fallen world and destroy the root of evil abound. Will you fall at the claws of your enemies or the consequences of your poor decisions? Your Gordian Quest is about to begin.

Gordian Quest is an epic roguelike / lite adventure that combines the best elements of deckbuilding, tactical combat and strategic decision-making. You will form parties of heroes whom you will have to lead and manage on grueling missions. Help them forge bonds and discover new skills among them. Be fearless and unwavering as you work to unravel the curses laid upon the lands and defeat the ultimate evil at the heart of it all.


***A list of Early Access features include***


  • One Act - The Early Access version features one Act, providing 5-6 hours of playtime per playthrough.
  • Six heroes - At the moment, players can choose from six different heroes each with their own unique class, skills, and playstyle to form a party of three and bring to adventure. At launch, there is a swordhand, a cleric, a ranger, a scoundrel, a druid and a spellbinder.
  • Hundreds of skills - The heroes have a combined total of close to 500 passive and active skills that can be deployed during turn-based battles, allowing players to discover and formulate their favorite combos.
  • Train and equip heroes - Heroes can be upgraded, trained and equipped with a large selection of weapons, armor and enchanted trinkets to enhance their abilities.
  • High replayability - Procedurally generated maps and dungeons and randomized hero skills make each playthrough different from the last.
  • Various difficulty levels - Take on hardcore mode for a teeth-gritting permadeath experience, or play more casually where death is only a setback.
  • Loot galore - Gather items and relics throughout your journey to boost your heroes’ abilities. In the future, you will also encounter mysterious items that can bless your heroes but also cripple them with a curse at the same time.
  • Carryover rewards and progression system - Get rewarded the more you play. Progressing in Acts with each hero lets them start off with a bit more resources, items, or even granting the ability to modify their starting decks.


***Additional features and content planned for the full version***


  • Three more Acts - The completed game will feature four fully fleshed out Acts to explore - each with new heroes, skills, quests, relics, items and NPCs to discover. Each Act will introduce new gameplay mechanics that expand on and enrich the base game experience.
  • More heroes - Encounter more heroes from all over the realm and form new party combos and relationships. We are anticipating adding at least 10-16 more heroes.
  • Relationship system - Future development will introduce a unique system where bonds of friendship, rivalry, mentorship or even love among the heroes in the party can be uncovered to unlock secret combo abilities.
  • Shape the course of your adventure - Align yourself with different factions, embark on side quests and eventually shape the course of your adventure with critical decisions.
  • Endless mode - This special mode makes the game a perpetual adventure and allows you to keep on questing, slaying more monsters and collecting more heroes, skills, relics and weapons.
  • PVP mode - Engage in skirmish fights with other players using your preferred mix of heroes and skills.


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36065467/cb9a97a7e4c28d95cd955346bc60ca2b1fc290ef.png Hey Heroes, Hope you have a wonderful Lunar New Year! We're fresh off our latest Realms Mode release, but we're still working hard to keep the content, fixes, and balance changes coming in. In bleeding-edge today, you'll be able to give our next hero a spin. Please note that like all previously introduced heroes, she is currently a draft version and her translations, card art, and balancing will be rapidly iterated on in th...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36065467/95be5de807cd7730bb379571f9a75c35f857763e.png Hey Heroes, The Big Progression Update is now live! Updating to this version will require starting a new campaign due to many changes internally to the structure of the Acts, heroes, and Renown, so you'll be prompted to do so when you first load this update up. If you prefer to finish up your current run, we've got you covered as well - you can quit when prompted and instead switch to the legacy (build 97i) branch, which co...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36065467/5f1a53a32b81dba0943db91e6edb0c548340d158.png Hey Heroes, The festive season is right around the corner, and we've got an exciting present for you to unwrap! This will be available to all players who opt into our bleeding-edge branch (right click Gordian Quest Properties Betas), and it will let you testdrive several fundamental changes to the game. We intend to observe how the changes are received over the month, before we make this patch public. As always, we welc...


We are happy to tell you that we will bring Home Behind 2 to WePlay in Shanghai! Home Behind 2 is a Roguelite RPG which takes place in Scaria. A country engulfed in a civil war for 10 years. Lead a patchwork group of revolutionary fighters into the depths of the government's territory as you struggle to overthrow a brutal authorita...


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36065467/646f812a72bce4f92957ff9115d4ba59f67db7d0.jpg Hey Heroes, The Digital Tabletop Festival has arrived, and to celebrate this, Gordian Quest will be available at a 15% discount! To our fans who have joined us upon our Early Access journey, you may have heard whispers of an upcoming Gauntlet Mode update at the end of the year. We're still working hard on making it happen, and while we are not ready to open up a test run of it just yet, we're eager to tell you more about th...






  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1Gb Video Memory
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


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