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Grey Goo
Base Game

This product requires the base game Grey Goo on Steam in order to play. You can not run this product without this game.

Feel the pulse of a world at war. Now with all music from the game, the Grey Goo soundtrack combines the sonic firepower of Frank Klepacki (composer of Command & Conquer) with the depth and scale of the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra. This updated track list includes:

CD 1 - The Beta
1. Grey Goo Main Theme
2. We Have A Breach
3. The Beta
4. We Were Ambushed
5. Battle Stations
6. Beta Formation
7. Are We Certain
8. On the Hunt
9. Crush Under Foot
10. Change Tactics
11. Base Expansion
12. Bring The Hailstorm
13. Go Through Them
14. Wall Defense
15. Skystrike
16. Preparing For Counter Assault
17. The Hand of Ruk
18. War Has Given You A Voice

CD 2 - The Humans
1. The Humans
2. Abandon Ship
3. Efficient Patrol
4. Analyze Hostile Forces
5. Advancing Position
6. Redgrave’s Location
7. Exploration
8. Assemble and Attack
9. Agile Maneuvers
10. Prisoner Negotiation
11. Increase Production
12. Human Confrontation
13. So That Others May Live
14. Materialize
15. Valiant Assault
16. Catalyst Detonation

CD 3 - The Goo
1. The Goo
2. System At Risk
3. Power Growing
4. Spreading
5. Acquire Data
6. Replicate
7. Protect and Destroy
8. The Pathfinder Program
9. Evolve
10. All Life is Hostile
11. Silence Is Growing
12. Emergent
13. A Greater Threat
14. Eliminate
15. Unified
16. War is Evolving

CD 4 - The Shroud
1. The Shroud
2. Cultivation
3. Propagation
4. Vexation
5. Disruption
6. Exceed the Enemy
7. Exterminate
8. Flourish
9. All Will Be Silenced
10. Vexation (Metal Version)
11. Disruption (Metal Version)
12. Exceed the Enemy (Metal Version)
13. Exterminate (Metal Version)
14. All Will Be Silenced (Metal Version)

Music composed, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Frank Klepacki.

Live orchestra and choir production: Dynamedion GbR, Germany
Session management: Pierre Langer
Session booking: Antonello Martina
Session producer: David Christiansen
Orchestrator: David Christiansen
Additional orchestration: Dawit Khosrovian

Orchestra: Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra
Conductor: Tamas Bolba
Choir: Budapest Cantate Choir
Conductor: Zoltan Pad
Pro Tools engineer: Miklos Lukacs
Sound engineer: Gabor Buczko
Recording producer: Miklos Lukacs Jr.



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