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Take control of your own 1970s cult - build and expand your base, manage your resources and make as much money out of your loyal followers as possible.

Every great cult needs great interior design. Place, design and decorate rooms to keep your cultists happy. There is a whole host of weird and wonderful room options, each with a vital role to play in your cult. From polygraph rooms and spirit chambers to energy spas and the dreaded ministry of alteration.

A cult is only as good as its name. Choose yours wisely when picking for your cult, cult leader, the Divine Being that they worship, the Holy Room in which they prove their dedication and the followers that will become the cultists of tomorrow! Make your cult your own by deciding on:
*A funky symbol
*A weird uniform to impress would-be followers
*An imposing hat to make other cults jealous
*A strange relic to worship and adore

Being snappy dressers isn't enough, your cult must run like a well-oiled hypno wheel. Set schedules for your cultists, level them up and manage food and maintenance systems. Assign tasks to your cultists based on a priority system, who said micro-management doesn't work?!

Cultists have needs too and you'll have to ensure that all of yours are fed, watered and having lots of fun! You must take care of your cult's physical and mental well-being to allow them to be the best cult members they can possibly be!

Use all of your charms to recruit followers who will bring in resources and eventually climb through the ranks to become full cultists. Discontented followers will leave, so be sure to turn that frown upside down!

Your cult leader can be very demanding. Whether it's recruiting specific followers or building certain rooms, be sure to bend to their every whim. Not fulfilling demands will lower thier mood and a displeased leader won't be able to perform effective sermons.

Cultists can be sent on missions in the local town. Whether it's gathering resources, unlocking new tech or just a demand from your leader, the Covert Ops room is the perfect place to plan!

Allow our wise cult leader to bestow his wisdom upon you! Honey, I Joined A Cult launches into Steam Early Access later this year! Add it to your wishlist for spiritual enlightenment! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32941731/f3c18427da7461af8b5fc429c263b7426e4428e6.png We also now have an official Honey, I Joined A Cult Discord server! Meet other followers, keep up to date with game news and share your feedback when we launch into Early Access....


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32574327/c671f3749e59f48aa09a9fe0da45d0d541c18119.jpg Welcome, followers, to another HIJAC devlog! UI overhaul We’ve been very busy since our last dev log and our main focus has been on overhauling our UI. Those of you that have played HIJAC (at expos etc) will know that our UI needed some work. Players would often be left confused by where things were, what things did, and when they did finally realise how to use the UI properly, it often required too long to figure out. UI D...


As Christmas approaches, we have been focussing on the overall player experience, improving content rather than adding lots more. Minimum Viable Cult It became obvious to us that there was simply too much to do at the beginning to get your cult up and running. This in particular leads to a large amount of building at the very beginning of the game, just to stop your cult imploding within a very short time. Most of the building at the start related to satisfying your cultists’ basic needs (for ex...


This month we have implemented several new in-game events. In particular we’ve added… Heat Events These occur when you’re carrying out lots of actions that increase your Heat rating. These include: carrying out particularly audacious missions (or catastrophically failing missions), cold calling a certain area of the City too much, and liquifying cultists. This could result in protests being held by angry members of the public, a raid by the police who will arrest ...


This month we’ve been focusing more on the leader and the difference they can make to your cult. Leader Demands We wanted players to be at the mercy of their cult leader and subject to whatever whim or fad they might have. Not only does this add a certain unpredictability to things, it’s also a great way of giving the leader some personality. We’ve therefore implemented a system whereby your leader goes through different phases and makes related demands of you. They may decide that they’re an ec...






  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384 MB of RAM.
  • Storage: 200 MB available space


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