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What is Hyper Light Drifter?

Hyper Light Drifter is a 2D ARPG that pays homage to 8-bit and 16-bit games of old.

Who made Hyper Light Drifter?

Heart Machine developed Hyper Light Drifter.

What was Hyper Light Drifter made in?

Hyper Light Drifter was created in the GameMaker Studio.

How long is Hyper Light Drifter?

Hyper Light Drifter can be finished in 8-10 hours if you follow the main objectives only.

How much is Hyper Light Drifter?

You can buy Hyper Light Drifter for the Nintendo Switch for 14,99€. However, you can buy a Hyper Light Drifter key for Nintendo Switch on HRK Game for a lower price.


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Step into a savage and wild land. Blood and treasure lie in this place, haunted by a dark and violent past.

Hyper Light Drifter takes us back to the 16bit classics now tuned with modern mechanics and a much more complex design.


The Drifters are the ones that collect. Be it broken history, pieces of forgotten knowledge, or advanced and long-lost technology. Whatever it is, they will find it. But our Drifter has an illness. He will travel deep into the lands of Buried Time to find a way to quell the disease within him.

Buy a Hyper Light Drifter key for the Nintendo Switch today and discover what plagues our young Drifter!

Hyper Light Drifter and its Key Features:

  • Everything found in this charming 16bit title is hand-animated, giving its characters and background elements an otherwordly glow and esthetic.
  • A challenging combat system makes sure everyone can pick up Hyper Light Drifter but honing your skills against the various enemies, hazards, and obstacles won't be easy.
  • Progress through the game, upgrade your weapons, acquire new skills, use equipment, and intimately get to know this mysterious and grim world as you discover branching paths and hidden secrets.
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