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  • Iconoclasts Nintendo Switch

Iconoclasts sends you into a large world that is full of tough puzzles, compelling characters, and challenging bosses that you will face as Robin, a brilliant and renegade mechanic.

This planet is dying, and you are the only one that can figure out what is happening and why. Embark on this thrilling platform adventure that tells us a personal and moving story about helping people, finding purpose in your life, and faith.

We play as Robin, a girl that just wants to be a mechanic that can aid people with her skills. But, she does not have a license, which makes her a sinner in the eyes of Mother. From the day that she picked up her wrench, it's almost like everything started falling apart. Robin just wants to bolt it all back together as Penance is raining down on everyone and the One Concern agents are chasing our unlikely heroine.

It seems like something important is happening behind the scenes, and the time has come to Robin to save the day. Iconoclasts offers tons of hours of exciting platforming action and adventure, stunning locations filled with puzzles, over 20 difficult and engaging boss battles, three difficulty settings that are supported by a special tweak system, and a tragic and impactful story about how one mechanic wants to fix the whole world!

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