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The small country of Arulco has been taken over by a merciless dictator - and only you can loosen the iron grip! Jagged Alliance 2 Gold Pack immerses you into an elaborate role-playing universe where you will interact with more than 150 characters, recruit your own band of soldiers and create your own custom mercenary to win back Arulco - not once, but twice! The perfect blend of strategy, role playing and tactical combat!

One of the main reasons I got into RPGs back in the day was that if you bought one, you were getting a lot of game for your money. That was important when there was only one birthday and one Christmas a year, and not much chance that some relative might pop their clogs in sync with Ultima VI coming out. Years later I no longer need the Grim Reaper’s help to fill my collection, and other genres have done their best to replace scouring maps for objectives with, y’know, game, but there&...


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Up until very recently, if you'd told someone who was a PC gamer in the mid-nineties that 2012 would see remakes of both X-COM and Jagged Alliance, they'd have laughed at you. Before turning misty-eyed and staring into the middle distance while alternately mournfully singing Oh Danny Boy and muttering something about time units, probably. Here we are, though. Firaxis' new version of the incomparable X-COM is due later this year, and last week saw the release of Back In Action, a remake of 1999's...


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Minimum Configuration: Windows 95/98, Pentium 133 Mhz, 32 MB RAM minimum, 373 MB free hard drive space, Microsoft® compatible mouse, SVGA Graphics Adapter, DirectX compatible sound card

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