Jagged Alliance - Back in Action: Jungle Specialist Kit DLC

Jagged Alliance - Back in Action
Base Game

This product requires the base game Jagged Alliance - Back in Action on Steam in order to play. You can not run this product without this game.

Let your hardened mercs become nearly invisible with the Jungle Specialist Kit for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. Your enemies will never know what hit them if you equip your team with these special items. The Jungle Specialist Kit provides maximum camouflage for dangerous operations in the green hell of Arulco.

The Jungle Specialist Kit includes:

  • CAR -15 Jungle This mini version of the M-16 is a prized tool for knocking off noisy neighbors and petty dictators. This version comes in a new camouflage patter for jungle operations.
  • Kevlar helmet The latest craze in head protection is made of minimum weight/maximum efficiency-kevlar compounds and comes in a variety of camouflage flavors to fit every combatant's needs. This one has a special jungle camouflage pattern.
  • Military dress-shirt Long-sleeved shirt, hiding scars and tattoos under well sewed fair-trade cotton. It comes in a special jungle camouflage pattern and is adequate in household and combat situations.

How to collect your Specialist Kit:

After purchasing and activating your DLC via the Steam client, return to Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. Once you have captured Drassen airport (thus completing the very first mission of the game) you will get an in-game email with details on the DLC items. After one in-game day, the items will be delivered to Drassen airport. Look for them in a chest in the hangar next to the airplane. You can equip any merc with the Specialist Kit.
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