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  • Kirby Star Allies Nintendo Switch

Kirby Star Allies brings back the beloved pink puff in HD, and this time he isn't on his own.

It's finally time to join Kirby on his adventure, now on the Nintendo Switch console and in full HD! New features are coming with this beloved pink delight, like one that lets him recruit enemies. How do you that? Just hit them with hearts and they will become helpers that can join your party. Just keep in mind that up to 4 characters can join, no more. If that doesn't sound like your type of fun, there's always the option of joining up to 3 of your friends.

Awesome copy abilities from previous games are back (Fire, Bomb, Sword, Fire, Broom) and many others, while there's also the option of imbuing these copy abilities with different elements (fire, wind, electricity) by either giving them or borrowing them to the helpers in your party. This is a way to increase your attack power, solve certain puzzles, and perform devastating offensive moves.

More Kirby adventures are always welcome, and this time players get to take this pink puff on another exhilarating quest on the Nintendo Switch console for the first time ever, so buy Kirby Star Allies today and start your epic journey!

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