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The BAFTA award-winning franchise is back with Life is Strange: Before the Storm.
Taking up the role of Chloe Price, a 16-year old who befriends the popular and pretty Rachel Amber, a girl who has a promising future ahead of her, making this particular friendship quite the unlikely one. When Rachel discovers a family secret that threatens to tear apart her entire life, she relies upon the newfound friendship with Chloe to get her through these difficult times. Together, they must lean on each other to face their demons and overcome the adversity that faces them.
In the same fashion that made the first Life is Strange game such a big hit, Before the Storm presents another narrative-driven experience filled with choices and consequences for your actions. This prequel offers a number of different endings depending on the choices that you make within the game, and includes a 'Backtalk' feature which gives a risk/reward conversation mode to help Chloe use her sharp tongue to gain influence and even intimidate others. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is also backed by a unique licensed indie soundtrack to add to the distinct atmosphere on show.
There's even a number of ways to add your own personal touch to Before the Storm, such as adding your own charming drawings and tags. Not only that, you can select Chloe's outfit to gauge a differing reaction depending on what you choose to wear.
META: The BAFTA-award winning franchise returns with an emotional prequel in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, bringing two girls together in an unlikely friendship.

Gergo Nyikus
Gergo Nyikus
Kiváló sztorija van. a karakterek is szerethetőek. Bár ez jelent meg másodikként, de a Life is Strange első része előtt játszódik időben. Aki ezzel kezdi, az sok mindent megérthet már a folytatás kezdetén. Ajánlom mindenkinek, aki szereti az ehhez hasonló történet központú alkotásokat.
Earned 5 Gems for review
Adiana Pérez
Adiana Pérez
It tells a relly good story. I loved the game.
Earned 5 Gems for review
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