• Macabre

What is Macabre?

"An earthquake of cataclysmic proportions annihilates the world and ushers in what many address as “the end of times”. But is it really the end?

Join one man as he travels the world in order to unravel the truth behind these tragic events."


  • Classic JRPG gameplay.
  • A refreshing take on the random battle system that rewards grinding, or allows you to skip fighting altogether.
  • Over a dozen side quests, many of which utilize a “fast travel” turn-in system.
  • ​ Over 40 in-game achievements.
  • ​ A simple, but tiered crafting system with over 100 craftable items.
  • Some customizable stat growth via the augment system.
  • ​ Semi-randomized loot that encourages exploration.
  • 5-15 hours of gameplay depending on your playstyle.
  • Controller support with JoyToKey (Windows) (other software might work too, but not tested).

Note: By default, the game will run in a window. You can drag the edges to make it larger, or use ALT+ENTER to get into full screen.

We're pleased to announce that we have decided to start supporting two nonprofit organizations that our close to our heart. A sizeable percentage of the proceeds of ALL MOCBJ Software titles (both current and future) will be distributed to Simone's Kids and Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue. In the coming weeks, a new section of our main site MOCBJ Software will be set up to display this information. While this really has nothing to do with gaming, we hope to raise awareness of both of these...


Macabre Trading Cards have been submitted for review to Steam. As long as there aren't any flags thrown, they should be available sometime next week.


I'm in the process of creating trading cards for Macabre. While it still may be a few weeks before they launch, they will definitely be coming in the near future. As for Steam Achievements, I'd still like to implement them if possible. There is no date yet as to when/if they will be available. I will keep you posted as best as I can!


By default, the game will run in a window. You can drag the edges to make the window larger, or use ALT+ENTER to get into full screen. I imagine most people can figure this out on their own, but in case you have trouble, do this and win. Sorry if this confused anyone.

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