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Buy your Mirror's Edge Catalyst Origin key for cheap on HRK Game and follow Faith, a courageous free runner in the city of Glass, as she battles for her freedom. On the surface, what appears to be a beautiful, high-tech city hides a deadly secret. Explore every nook and cranny, from the tallest, brightly lit rooftops to the dark, ominous caverns beneath. Faith lies at the city's heart, which is vast and open to exploration. Combine her agile movement and advanced fighting with the city's surroundings to master the environment and unravel the conspiracy from a first-person perspective.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Key Features:


Quickly zoom down wire lines at high speed. Balance on pipes before sliding to a hang and climbing beneath an obstacle hand over hand. Run vertically and horizontally against any wall, swinging around corners and over gaps as you go.


Faith, who is quick, light, and agile, must stay focused and use her movement to stay alive. Faith gains Focus by running freely, and once she has it, opponents cannot hit her. Low speed and being attacked cause focus loss, thus it's essential to strike a balance between out-traversing opponents and aggressively fighting them.


Build momentum to make daring jumps between rooftops or beautiful slides in narrow places. To receive a short burst of acceleration in any direction, use the new Shift move. Any move can be tweaked using Quickturn, a swift 180 or 90-degree turn, for a quick change of plan.


Deliver deadly full-body Heavy Traversal Attacks that knock your opponents into walls, railings, and each other. As you connect a series of Light Traversal Attacks, develop focus, and maintain speed, use your momentum to flow right through KrugerSec. Shift behind opponents for a kick to the back as you outmaneuver them. Or, to avoid retaliation or a counter, take advantage of a stun with a few fast punches before Shifting away.


A few pieces of hardware enhance Faith's running abilities, martial arts knowledge, and determination that she uses to navigate the city and fight the oppression that has engulfed the people of Glass.


Will you be the city of Glass's fastest Runner? Create and share your own Time Trials with your friends. You can also try your hand at DICE's difficult Dashes, where you must use your fluid mobility to locate the best route. Place a Beat Location Emitter in a difficult-to-reach location for your pals to uncover for a thrilling treasure hunt around the city.

Get your Mirror's Edge Catalyst Origin key today and prove your freerunner skills in Glass City!



OS: Windows® 7 64-Bit (use the latest Service Pack)
CPU: Intel i3-3250 / AMD FX-6350. (Note: Mirror's Edge Catalyst requires at least 4 logical cores to run.)
HARD DRIVE: At least 25 GB of free space
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 650 Ti 2GB or better / AMD Radeon™ R9 270x or better
INPUT: Keyboard and mouse, dual analog controller


OS: Windows® 10 64-Bit (use the latest Service Pack)
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 at 3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 at 4.0 GHz
RAM: 16 GB
HARD DRIVE: At least 25 GB of free space
VIDEO: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 970 4GB or better / AMD Radeon™ R9 280x 3GB or better
INPUT: Keyboard and mouse, dual analog controller

Abraham Buzaglo
Abraham Buzaglo
I never thought about buying the games, but one day I was encouraged and bought the 1, and it was excellent, and the 2 is better odavia
Earned 5 Gems for review
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