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A new approach to the stealth tactics genre: Partisans 1941 combines stealth, action, resource management and base-building elements.

Take control of a group of Partisans resisting the German occupation Eastern Front during World War II. Plan and initiate combat your way. Use tactical pause, study the environment and choose the best position to set up an ambush.

Build up your resistance camp hidden deep in the woods and find allies to join your cause. Form squads of unique Partisans and undertake diverse missions to undermine enemy forces and infrastructure, while securing resources desperately needed to sustain the resistance.

Experience a dramatic and unique chapter of World War II and become a Red Army commander behind enemy lines.

  • Fresh approach to the stealth tactics genre. A new way to play real time tactics - mix of combat, stealth, ambushes and a variety of special items to bring chaos to the enemy ranks. Choose your own way of completing each mission.
  • Lead a squad of Partisans. Build a squad of your choice and level up your Partisans. Use your character’s strengths to find the right solution to different situations. Find and recruit new resistance members.
  • Experience the life of a resistance group. In between missions you witness the routine of a Partisan’s life - develop your base, prepare for the next assignments, ensure you have the resources for the Partisan’s survival. Keep your troops motivated. Explore nearby regions, skirmish for enemy weak spots and opportunities to strike the enemy.
  • A different perspective on WW II. Experience the story of fierce resistance against ruthless German occupation on the Eastern Front. See the story and motivation of different people joining the Partisan resistance, military as well as common folk.

Background and Story
As red army commander Alexey Zorin you escape a Nazi prison camp. Gather a Partisan squad from soldiers left behind enemy lines and locals. Live with your squad all the way from small sabotage missions to attacks on the occupational forces’ authority.

Play a leading role in an operation initiated by Red Army staff quarters and conducted by all Partisan teams in the area: A strike on the German forces’ supply lines for the frontlines, with the goal of buying additional time for the defenders of Leningrad to prepare against the German attack.

Welcome back, everyone! We, that is Alter Games and Daedalic Entertainment, are proud to announce and release the first DLC "Back into Battle" for Partisans 1941 - and you don't even have to wait any longer - it's out now! The “Partisans 1941 – Back Into Battle” DLC allows you to customize and approach missions in your own way in Missions Mode. Choose from five familiar missions (available for everyone) and seven brand new missions (exclusively for DLC Owners), then set yourself a challenge with...


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Heyho everyone! Thank you for your ongoing interest in the game! This confirms us in our work to further improve the experience of the game and to tackle the bugs and issues you brought to our attention since the release of Partisans 1941. We are constantly evaluating your feedback and are very grateful for the insights your comments and messages provide to us. For now, these are the changes and fixes that are taken care of with the new patch: Further environment polishing. Further localization ...


Heyho everyone! It's a great pleasure to see, that our last fixes and updates have turned a "good" experience for you into an even smoother and great one. Even though we are constantly keeping track of your comments, feedback and/or critique, some parts of the team had to take some deserved off-time during the last days/weeks to fill up the batteries again - but rest assured, they will come back soon with fresh energy and fueled by your compliments that reach us every day on, for example, our of...


Heyho everyone! ...Wow!...What a release! After an already great first weekend the interest and passion gamers all over the world have shown for Partisans 1941 is overwhelming - but we can’t be too overwhelmed, we still have a job to do: We appreciate all your love for the gameplay, but also the bugs and issues you have brought to our attention during the last 2 weeks. We immediately started to tackle a lot of those with our first patch after the first weekend. And we promised to keep it up. We ...






  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 3770 3500GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Additional Notes: system requirements are subject to change during development


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