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  • Pokkén Tournament DX Nintendo Switch

Pokkén Tournament DX is the very first Pokémon title that came to our Nintendo Switch consoles. It was released on September 21st, 2017.

Pokémon has one of the longest running franchises in the world, together with many anime series, movies, card games, and more. It's loved by fans all over the world for its charming characters, mesmerizing worlds, and of course, the lovable Pokémon. Who wouldn't want to be a trainer for one of these cute little fellas? For the first time ever, Nintendo Switch players can become Pokémon trainers in Pokkén Tournament DX.

The game offers 21 awesome Pokémon fighters for you to pick. Choose the one you want to and then take on others in arena fights. Use your skills in order to conquer your enemies, and take advantage of the Support Pokémon that can be used to assist you when things aren't going your way. There are also potent Pokémon Burst Attacks which can utterly destroy your enemies. Are you ready to enter the arena with your Pokémon fighters and climb the ranks to the top?

Pokkén Tournament DX comes with new modes, new ways to engage your friends in battle, and more, so buy it today to experience some thrilling Pokémon action on your Nintendo Switch.

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