Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville

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  • Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville

It's been a few years since the zombpocalypse turned the world's cities into graveyards and sent the few survivors into hiding. Now you must gather them up and restore civilization to a ruined city, one building at a time.

Rebuild 3 is a strategy sim game with a good helping of narrative and dark humor. It's a thoughtful game that'll make you fond of your survivors before you send them to their deaths for the greater good. As you expand your fort to new buildings, you'll decide between farms or fortifications, housing or hospitals, and make tough decisions to fend off raiders, illness, starvation, and madness. And the dead are still out there wandering the streets, hungrier than ever.

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville is the third of my Rebuild series, and the first one available on Steam. It's a totally new, much bigger game than the first two.



  • 4X style strategy and city (re)building
  • Endless replayability with randomized cities and events
  • Survivors with individual skills, perks, relationships, and stories
  • Rival NPC forts with their own agendas, friendly or otherwise
  • Campaign Mode, a journey through cities of increasing size and difficulty
  • Strategic fort defense and interactive attacks
  • Play in either real-time or turn-based mode
  • 5 skills: defense, leadership, scavenging, building, engineering
  • 10 resources and one-use items to find or craft
  • 30 missions: scavenge for food, kill zombies, farm, fish, trade, bartend...
  • 35 node research tree
  • 50 building types with unique uses and/or scavengeable resources
  • 70 types of equipment to find
  • 100 survivor perks: Melee Training, Green Thumb, Light Sleeper...
  • 200,000 words of event text - enough to fill two novels

It has been years since I made this game (with artist Adam Meyer and others), and almost as long since I sat down to just play it for fun. I designed Impossible difficulty to be harder than I could beat. It's pure pain - the zed come at you incessantly, you have less food, fewer houses, more negative events. Pretty much every variable is cranked up against you. The question isn't really whether I'll survive, but for how long. Wish me luck! - Sarah


Version 1.6.43 (Windows only) adds extra logging and fixes some small bugs: - fix wrong name on second option during attacks - fix survivors not showing on plus menu during attacks - allow disabling jumpscares in Vancouver map via modding variable Config.DISABLE_JUMPSCARES As always you can find older builds in the beta tab on the steam client.


Version 1.6.39 - Quick fix for a couple events (including a very cool one in the Vancouver map which was always there but never ran before) and fixed achievements for the umpteenth time. Sorry folks, I can't help myself, I just love to break those cheevos.


Version 1.6.31 changelog: - Updated to AIR 33.1 - Fixed rotten (green) skin tone - that is all.


Minor updates which mainly affect the modding system. Users on Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) may see a security warning when they install Rebuild 3. I'm afraid I've been unable to get Apple's new notarization system to work with our engine. This may result in Rebuild 3 being unavailable for Mac in future OS editions, or needing a security workaround to install. I'm sorry! Changelog: 1.6.28 Adobe/Harman AIR version Fix Colins fighting each other Chinese and other new character sets for moddi...








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