Relativity Wars - A Science Space RTS

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Relativity Wars - A Science Space RTS
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About This Product
Relativity Wars is a god-type strategy/action game, set in a universe which obeys Einstein’s theories of relativity!


While Relativity Wars uses some pretty crazy physics concepts you really don't need to understand them to play this game. Hopefully some physics will rub off as you are playing the game and you will suddenly start impressing* your friends in the pub** with phrases like "space/time continuum" and "time dilation".

* Please Note: Actual level of impressed may vary. Relativity Wars is not responsible for any lack of impression that may occur.

** bar, coffee shop, watering hole, street corner, etc, etc.

Start your campaign today, you'll be conquering the universe before you know it, and you might even learn a bit of science!

Note: Internet required to start only the first ever game session, after this the game can be played offline.


Praise for Relativity Wars

"a very enjoyable RTS for the armchair general who wants a fresh new alternative. The gameplay is balanced and thorough, trust that physics is the deadliest tool in space." -

“It’s surprisingly clever despite looking rather simple. And it can also be funny when it wants to be.” - 4/5 - 148 apps

“Game of the month” - 9.5/10 -

“Relativity Wars is a unique take on real-time strategy games with a humorous personality as it incorporates several different scientific principles. This makes it an educational yet fun experience, something which I always welcome. “ - 4/5 - iFanzine

“Strategy Meets Science... Relativity Wars is worth your hard-earned cash!” - Tapscape

Thanks for playing!
  • OS: Windows XP+
  • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2004 should work
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.7+
  • Processor: Intel chipset
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Generally everything made since 2004 should work
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
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Release Date
April 10, 2015
Fungameco Ltd
Fungameco Ltd
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