Runescape 45-Day Time Game Card + 1 Bond

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Includes: 45 days game time, 1 Bond

1 Bond can be redeemed in-game for 160 RuneCoins or 8 Treasure Hunter Keys or an additional 14 days Membership

Make sure to get your Gamecard for the MMO Runescape now and expand your playtime for 45 days - without the need to subscribe!

The MMO Runescape is set in the fantasy world of Gielinor. Players are free to explore the vast world as well as carry out quests, train skills, fight monsters, go on Raids or simply meet up with friends. Become a part of the strong Runescape community and experience fantastic adventures!


Your advantages as a member, compared to the basic version:

  • Exclusive access to membership areas and items
  • Over 400,000 hours of gameplay
  • Over 100 quests
  • 9 additional skills
  • 29 member-only activities
  • Regular content updates
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