Saints Row Reboot

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Volition has announced Saints Row, a full reboot of the open-world series, coming on February 25, 2022.

As teased last week and officially announced during the Opening Night Live showcase at Gamescom 2021, the series is getting a reboot. We saw a CG trailer introducing the new game's gang, and what looks like a slightly more down-to-earth take on the series than the wackier recent entries.

The new Saint's Row will take place in a new city, Santo Ileso, with an aesthetic that takes inspiration from the American southwest. The trailer suggests that the gang of characters – The Boss, Nina, Kevin, and Eli – are starting up a "criminal empire", so it seems as though you'll be building a new gang in the course of the game. The city has been described as the biggest Volition has created yet, and will include multiple, unique gangs, each of which needs to be taken down.

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