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Zombies! The undead. Long thought of as fictional...well, yeah, they are, but hey, that doesn't mean we can't put holes in them from long range rifles! Right? For a long time, people have been fascinated with the concept of zombies and have tried very hard to put them in as many video games as possible. Well, now it's Sniper Elite's turn to have some fun. This is Sniper Elite: Zombie Army.
This is actually a full-on standalone expansion. You'll be able to do a special campaign from 1-4 players and get to take on an army of Nazi Zombies! Because why not! Oh, that sounds gratuitous? Well, there is a story reason behind it! You see, Hitler was one who was obsessed with the Occult. So much so that in this story, he found a way to bring the dead back to life. So, he resurrected his army and sent them out into the world...and now you have to kill them...again.
You play as Karl Fairburne, the sniper from the previous Sniper Elite games who helped shaped history. And now, he's one of the few who haven't been taken by the horde. With the undead killing all in sight, you must team up with ANYONE you see, for only together will you survive this madness. Forget about alliances, forget about allegiances, you live or you die, that's the only thing that matters. So team up and get the job done!
With new weapons, new threats, and a whole lot of zombie, this is one expansion you will want to take part in!

The entire cast of the Left 4 Dead games are now available to play in Zombie Army Trilogy from today as a FREE update. Check out the launch trailer here. Wondering how survivors from modern-day Louisiana ended up in 1945 Berlin? Download the FREE tie-in comic from the creators of cutting-edge British comic 2000 AD!


Experience a remastered and improved edition of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army in Zombie Army Trilogy with new animations, new visual effects, new characters, TWO additional campaigns and an all new co-op Horde mode.


Complete the Trilogy and play in a unified online community of zombie slayers! Already own Nazi Zombie Army 1 and/or 2 on Steam? You'll get 30% off for owning one or 60% off for owning both titles! Store Page Offer ends April 3rd!


Zombie Army Trilogy , the follow-up to Sniper Elite 3 as well as Nazi Zombie Army 1 and 2, is out now. As the ‘Trilogy’ in the name suggests, this package also includes Nazi Zombie Army 1 and 2, plus a third chapter based on Sniper Elite v3. Confused yet? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of delicious brains to go around. …


Yeah, I guess that is Adolf Hitler as a burning zombie demon sort of monster. Okay then. I imagine that’s what you’d end up with if you formed a committee to design the video game villain players would feel least bad about killing. One person insisted he be a litterbug too, leaving a trail of Twix wrappers and Coke cans, but it was decided that’d dilute the idea. This chap’s the villain of Zombie Army Trilogy, a package revamping Rebellion’s two Sniper Elite spin-of...




  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® Vista (Service Pack 2) or Windows® 7 or Windows® 8. Windows® XP is NOT supported.
  • Processor: Dual-core CPU with SSE3 (Intel® Pentium® D 3GHz / AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 4200) or better
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 5GB of free drive space
  • Video Card: Microsoft® DirectX® 10.0 compatible graphics card with 256 MB of memory (NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 series / ATI Radeon™ HD 3870) or better
  • Sound: Microsoft® DirectX® 10.0 compatible sound card or better
  • DirectX: Microsoft® DirectX® 11.0
Joey Roks
Joey Roks
was expecting to get Sniper Elite Zombie Army 1, turns out i got the trilogy, AWESOME
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