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Nintendo has been crafting unique worlds and games for over three decades, and with each new franchise, you get a look at a new take on a genre. Well now, prepare to see third-person shooters in an all-new way! For this is Splatoon. What is Splatoon? It's a game where you play as squid kids called Inklings who fight battles against other inklings. But instead of killing foes, you'll trying to splat them. And instead of tough objectives, you're trying to cover arenas in ink! The team with the most coverage wins!
Yep, this is one shooter that is unlike any other. Turf War is a 4v4 match where the team you're on has to try and ink as much of the stage you are on, and the other team is trying to do the same! But, as an Inkling, not only do you have access to a wide array of paint guns, bomb, sprayers, and more, you can also transform into a squid in order to get to difficult places on the map, to hide from your foes, to fill up your inks tanks, and more! Strategy is key in Splatoon.
Plus, there are other online modes like Ranked Battle, where you can try and protect a tower, try and cover specific zones in ink, or escort a device to a certain area to claim total victory!
Finally, dive deeper into the world of Splatoon via Story Mode! Which will show you not only the history, but the true rivals of the Inklings, the Octarians! So be a squid now, be a kid now, and play Splatoon!

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