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What makes the Star Wars universe so special is that it's full of stories to be told. The movies have set the stage for what these stories can be, now, it's up to talented writers and developers to bring them to life. Now, you'll get the chance to live out one of these tales, as Star Wars - Dark Forces brings you a special FPS game like no other. For in this game, you'll take the Empire head on in a bid to stop a deadly plot from going down, one that could truly put the universe in their grip forever!
You'll become a part of the Rebel Alliance, and more specifically, you'll become a part of their special forces division. As a covert operative, you'll be put on a mission of galactic importance. The Empire is making a weapon, one that could change the fate of the galaxy. But, it's not done yet. Your mission is to find it, and stop its completion at all costs!
The galaxy itself is where you must search. Find clues as to what is going on, then battle Imperial Stormtroopers, droids, monsters, and more, just make sure you stay alive long enough to complete your mission!
Travel to various worlds, see key parts of the Star Wars mythology, and unleash your power with loads of weapons and armaments. The battles will be fierce, everywhere you go could be filled with danger. But, if you succeed, you might just have saved the lives of everyone who lives.

A senior environment artist at Obsidian, Jason Lewis, is creating a fan remake of Star Wars: Dark Forces, which introduced the world to Kyle Katarn and the joys of shooting Stormtroopers in first-person back in 1995. So far, he's been able to make a recreation of the first level that can be traversed from start to finish, screenshots of which can be found on his Artstation page.  It's shaping up very nicely, especially when compared to its predecessor from two-decades prior. As we...


These are disappointingly barren times for Star Wars games: only two Battlefronts (and a mobile game) have been released since EA acquired the licence back in 2013. Earlier this week, too, it was rumoured that the company's open world project had been killed, following the earlier cancellation of Visceral's Ragtag project. This is all happening during the peak of 21st century interest in Star Wars. I hoped we'd be drowning in new Star Wars games by now, and reader, we are not. The...


Minor bug fixes and optimized performance, including support for the Macintosh.


Minor bug fixes and optimized performance, including support for the Macintosh.


The following article contains plot details for Star Wars: Rogue One. This is a strange time to be a Star Wars fan, particularly if you were a devotee of the books, games and comics that sustained the series in the mid-1990s. When Disney axed the Expanded Universe back in 2014, it felt like the final spasm in a prolonged death that had begun with The Phantom Menace fifteen years prior. The EU was allowed to inform small aspects of this new Star Wars, but throughout the noughties its influence sh...




  • OS: Windows 2000, XP or Vista
  • Processor: 486 or higher
  • Memory: 16 MB
  • Graphics: DirectX
  • DirectX®: DirectX 5.2
  • Hard Drive: 80 MB
  • Sound: 16-bit sound card
  • Note: Due to the age of the title, users may run into a few compatibility issues from use of current hardware. Please see the forums for more information.
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