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  • STORY OF SEASONS - Nintendo 3DS

Have you ever wanted to live a life that wasn't your own? Well, isn't that why you play video games? Well, if you're looking for a more down-to-earth game that'll let you live a fulfilling life, then you'll want to try Story of Seasons. This rebranding of the fan-favorite farming series isn't holding back, as you'll be able to live the good and true life of a farmer, and get to enjoy all the perks that it comes with.
How does your journey begin? Why by finding an ad of course! You find that Oak Town is looking for new farmers, and you can't help but take up that offer. Right from the start, Story of Seasons gives players tons of customization. As you'll get to design your character and your farm to suit who you are.
Once you're done, it's time to tend to crops, animals and everything else the farm life offers. The more you do, the more you can grow. And the more you grow, the bigger your farm can be.
But, life isn't just about work. As you'll find out, Story of Seasons wants you to live a fulfilling life, and that means not living it alone. Whether you're male or female, there are tons of people within Oak Town that will be your husband or wife, if you're able to woo them that is.
As mentioned, there's plenty of other things to do in Story of Seasons too, as farm life and family life can go hand in hand if you want it too. There's no end to the fun and possibilities as you try and make your life oh so special in Story of Seasons.

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