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Since the days of the Nintendo 64, the Mario Party franchise has been bringing people together for party-like mini-games features their favorite Mario and Nintendo characters. But now, the franchise is getting a serious overhaul! Because this time, the game is on Nintendo Switch, and nothing short of greatness will do! So come join the party, the Super Mario Party that is!

For those who have been following the franchise, you know that Mario Party hasn't been "on par" with the greatest titles that the series has offered lately. But with Super Mario Party, Nintendo has listened to fan requests, suggestions, and complaints, and made it so that the game feels like the Mario Party games of old!

Back are the classic board styles and the way you travel across them. Back are the beloved styles of mini-games, while still adding all sorts of new styles and mini-games to change things up! This is the Mario Party style that you fell in love with on the N64, so now you get to experience it for a new generation with all new additions!

Plus, since some characters in the Mario franchise have gained some popularity recently, there are brand new characters for the first time in Super Mario Party! You'll definitely want to check them out.

And of course, what's the gameplay without friends and rivals? You can play locally, or play online, and even play them all together using Switches to create the game board!

Behold the power of Super Mario Party!

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