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The action can be found anywhere in The Surge, a sci-fi RPG from Deck13 Interactive. In a unique twist on the genre, The Surge focuses around CREO, a megacorporation that is actually trying to save the world. In your first day on the job working for the magnanimous company, something happened that knocked you unconscious. When you wake up, the complex around you is mostly destroyed, everything seems to have gone haywire, and your former coworkers as well as all of the AI have decided that you need to die.

In The Surge, you are equipped with a state of the art exoskeleton that allows you to go well beyond the capacities of typical human beings. This unique feature of the game is also customizable as you progress, so that you can modify the exoskeleton to suit your own particular style of game play.

The game features visceral, action-packed melee combat at every turn. The tactical combat system allows you to choose where to target on your opponents, to take out their legs, their arms, or just go for the throat. In The Surge, if you cut it off, it’s yours!

In case you find yourself collecting one too many limbs, you can salvage your loot into weapons, armor, and modular upgrades for your exo-suit. If it doesn’t kill you, you can certainly use it to make you stronger.

Set in a harsh world ravaged by global warming and full of unforgiving, challenging combat, The Surge is certainly no walk in the park. Will you be up to the challenge, or would you be more useful as a pile of scrap?

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