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" When society falls, we rise." This is the moniker of The Division, a group of soldiers who are only activated when the absolute worst happens, and on Black Friday, it did. A plague unlike any other, one that leads to the collapse of New York. Quick as flash things started to fall apart as a group tried to take over. With no one left to help, The Division was summoned.

Ubisoft presents to you the next wave of tactical and open-world titles. You play as a Division agent in Manhattan, trying to take out threats and protect the good people of the city. You'll team up with other agents in order to get missions done, as well as figure out what the virus is and how it came to be.

The game is much more than it appears. Manhattan is a living and breathing place. Thus, the people, the environment, the weather, and more will affect how you play. Be ready for changes that will make you change your strategy.

The Division is an FPS and RPG all in one. You'll design your characters to try and survive this cruel version of Manhattan, all the while teaming up with players in order to try and survive not just enemy forces, but enemy players who decide the city isn't worth saving, and there are a lot of them.

No matter how you play, the battle is constant and all around you. Whether it's above ground, below ground, in buildings, in the Dark Zone, or anything in between the world of The Division is vast, and there are many ways to play, and many ways to survive, and many ways to die. Will you be able to save the city?


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