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About This Product

Trials Rising is the next exhilarating, high-octane motorcycle racing game that features thrilling action and intense physics-bending stunts that serve to show why the Trials franchise is the best when it comes to over-the-top motorcycle racing! The game is being developed by RedLynx and it is being published by Ubisoft on February 26th.

Did you miss the insane stunts and crazy performances that you could only pull off in the Trials games? Well, they are back, and with even more insanity and chaos and mindboggling stunts that you can only see in a game like this. Trials Rising takes it up a notch by implementing all kinds of new features to the game, more exciting competitions, and all kinds of brilliant and challenging new tracks to give you all the requirements needed for a good motorcycle-centric time. The game has all kinds of new difficult tracks for you to enjoy and experience. Ride along the epic Great Wall of China and do your best to impress anyone who's watching, or take your bike to New York City and showcase your skills so that all the citizens of the Big Apple. You can even take your motorcycle chaos to the Eiffel Tower and perform some death-defying stuns there!

One of the fun new features in the game is the Tandem Bike which allows two players to control one bike. Track Central gives you the option of creating and sharing your own levels thanks to the 10 000 items that are at your disposal!

Buy Trials Rising today if you're looking for that brutal and highly engaging motorcycle action!


  • DirectX: Version 12


  • DirectX: Version 12
Recent updates

Welcome back Riders, In our previous entry, we took an in-depth look at how the economy will work in Trials Rising. If you happened to miss this Dev Diary, you can find it here. This week, we’re going to be taking a closer look at a topic that’s on the tip of everyone...


Ubisoft's 2.5D motocross racing/platformer Trials Rising will be out on February 26, a slight pushback from its originally scheduled launch on February 12. Before that happens, you can take it for a spin in a free open beta that will run from February 21-25.  Earlier this month, Ubisoft al...

2019-02-13 In our last Dev Diary, we talked all about the many ways players will be able to share their custom creations in Trials Rising. This week we are going to talk all about Trials Rising’s in-game economy. There are a mix of new and returning resources and rewards, so we ...

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